Departure region Cassandra

Vergina, Olympus, Dion

Duration / time start
1 day / 7:00
600 km.
Visit the Mount Olympus – the home of Zeus, the most powerful god of the Greek mythology. We will also travel to Vergina – a spectacular Greek museum that contains hundreds of ancient treasures – and walk around the archaeological park of Dion.


Vergina, established in 1923, was initially referred to as the sacred capital of ancient Macedonia, Ephesus. It was the home of the argeades dynasty`s royal tombs until the first century. It is definitely a location that should not be missed! Two museums can be found in Vergina. The first one, anaktoro, contains partially undamaged mosaics and building fragments. The second is even more amazing and showcases the Macedon kings` royal tombs like Philip ii`s — father of Alexander the great! All museum exhibits are sure to impress any guest!

A journey to mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is the spiritual heart of historic societies and the home of the olympian deities. You will be astounded by the striking sights of this place! It has two of the highest greek heights: Pantheon height (2918 meters) and the throne of Zeus (2909 meters). The former is now named «Mytikas» and it was the abode of the gods of the ancient hellas. The throne of Zeus (now known as Stefani) was solely reserved for the powerful Zeus, leader of the gods.

Magnetic Olympus

The remarkable biodiversity and exclusive vistas of Olympus natural reserve make it a magnet for mountaineers, naturalists, and scientists of all kinds. Moreover, its mountainside villages, such as lithochoro, are renowned for their traditional hotels (known as «xenon`s») and eateries with delicious local cuisine. Located 300 meters above sea level on the eastern slopes of mount olympus, lithochoro is the most well-known of the villages.

The archaeological complex of Dion

At the base of the majestic mount olympus is situated the archeological complex of dion — the religious capital of ancient macedonia, where the primary ceremonies were held to honor Zeus.

The archaeological park

Dion was established hundreds of years ago and has been a significant religious center for Greece for centuries. Nowadays it is a museum of archeology, where visitors can view the remains of ancient temples, gymnasiums, and baths, among other things. It is like a huge outdoor museum, with no walls to enclose, but instead surrounded by open air. Dion is home to many well-preserved mosaics, murals, and sculptures, and many other ancient artifacts that you should witness for yourself!

Let's go!
Approx. 1,5 hours

Transfer to Vergina/ The time may differ depending on the departure point.

The Royal Gold
45 min.

Excursion to the Macedonian Royal Tombs Museum

Towards Olympus
approx. 40 min.

Moving to the foot of Mount Olympus - Dion Museum

The sacred city of Zeus
approx. 1 hour

Excursion in the archaeological park of ancient Dion

approx. 1 hour

Lunch in a traditional tavern in the town of Litohoro on the slopes of Olympus

Tops of the Spirit
approx. 30 min.

Visit to the monastery of St. Dionysius

Valley of Muses
approx. 1 hour

Visiting the "Stavros" - place with magnificient view on the slopes of Olympus. Height 960 m. above sea level

Back home!
approx. 1,5 hour

Return to Halkidiki


Olympus Mountain


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Comfortable shoes and a headgear.