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Petralona Cave

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The lands of ancient Greece are covered with real legends. Here all become real and everybody can feel as a child, looking at all these with own eyes. But if in addition to myths, you want to learn more about the history of Greece and all of humanity, then you are welcome into the Petralona cave.

This huge cave is hidden in the Mount Katsika, that on the peninsula of Halkidiki, and it attracts enthusiastic travelers. The best scientists can lose all their assurance in this place, because here you can see things, which were known before only from the pages of books. Some of them admire the amazing beauty of stalactites hanging from the ceiling and the stalagmites. The others do not get tired of exploring the contents of the cave itself. After all, the discovery was made in Petralon, which literally aroused the peaceful beehive of paleontologist scientists. In 1960 there was found the skull, which appeared to be an artifact with the age of 700 000 years!
The find was the skull of an archanthropus, but it was far from being a primitive species, stuck halfway from monkey to man. The Archanthropus had intelligence close to Homo Sapiens. But at the same time he is also the most ancient human being on the European continent. 
The Petralona will be a great idea for family vacations, because it for sure would be attractive for both parents and kids. Among the amazing relief of the cave tunnel stretching for 2 kilometers, pictures of prehistoric life come out of the darkness. In the mysterious light of the cave illumination, silent animals and wild beasts, wild predators and ancient birds froze in silent sculptures. After all, for thousands of years, the cave has sheltered in its bowels many living beings.
There is the Anthropological Museum at the entrance to the Petralona cave, which opens its doors to everyone interested in an even more detailed study of the past of mankind. All the finds of the Petralonacave, the peninsula of Halkidiki and the whole of Greece are carefully collected and are shown here. Some of the exhibits are very old and you can see with your own eyes, how was the life of our ancestors. Here are also situated the first traces of fire, find out what the first European man looked like. Here is presented all the history, and its amazing feeling to see and realize that its really true. There are not so many interesting places like this on the Earth.
But every immersion in the darkness of history must end with an outlet to the surface - to the caressing light of modernity. Therefore, the next point of the route will be the town of Nea Moudania. This place is very sunny, lively and cheerful. A beautiful embankment full of small taverns, benches and shops, and beckons to join the rejoicing: to breathe fresh sea air, to sample hearty Greek dishes, bargain in souvenir shops and photographed against the waters of the Aegean Sea. The color of this sea is amazing and you can make here a lot of breathtaking photos. Great vacations here are guaranteed.



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