Departure region Cassandra

Thessaloniki Kids Tour

Duration / time start
1 day / 10:00
200 km.
Erudite Tour for Kids and Grown-Ups. NOESIS – is a Museum of Technologies, where an ordinary person becomes an explorer. Here you will not find a sign “Please, do not touch”. It is an amazing planet of devices, automobiles and games. NOESIS - is a portal to virtual worlds. Your kid will be delighted with such combination of fun and education.

Funny and Entertaining Tour

An excursion to the NOESIS Science Centre and the Museum of Technologies together with your child will make the journey to Thessaloniki more educative and interesting. Kids easily get bored with endless excursions to Byzantine temples, ancient Greek ruins and surrounding landscapes. They will be much more impressed by a trip to the world of astonishing cars, incredible technologies and breathtaking games. 

First Hall – Up-to-Date Technologies

In the first hall of the Technopark of NOESIS Science Centre you will find more than 40 interactive exhibits. All of them show the latest science achievements. A kid can touch them, it is not forbidden to spin and toss them up. Parents are also welcome to take part in such breathtaking activities. Grown-ups can join the fun and play games with their children.

Second Hall – Ancient Science Findings

The exploration of the second hall will be as entertaining as the first one. This part of the Science Complex is devoted to the machines and devices of Ancient Greece from all spheres of science, such as astronomy, mathematics, building technologies and military science. All the exhibits are thoroughly reconstructed and look just as the ancient originals. Parents have a great opportunity to spark their kids’ interest in history and science. Boys will be attracted with the hall of old cars. Gleaming bumpers of cars from different epochs will take them to the exciting history of the automobile. All cars were brought here from different corners of the world and represent various models of our four-wheeled friend. 

Mysterious Journey to the Depths of the Universe

If your kids have never visited planetarium, you can introduce them to the magic world of the universe in. The Science Centre offers an unforgettable cosmic journey. A big cupola of planetarium lets the visitors see the star map with all its miracles, such as the Milky Way, comets with fantastic tales and the Sun in its entire splendor. After visiting the planetarium you will have a splendid opportunity to go to the NOESIS Amphitheatre where you can watch an exciting scientific film. 

Wonders of Virtual Reality

All the wonders of the NOESIS Centre are very likely to become fascinating for you and your kids. Who knows, may be science and technology will become your common hobby in future. The simulators of virtual reality will carry you to the imaginary world where you will be able to become, for example, a pilot of an attack jet. Platforms support the movement in six directions; they create a realistic atmosphere during the game and are designed to take kids’ breath away. 

Magic Park – Kaleidoscope of Attractions

To end a perfect day full of discoveries you can visit Magic Park. That entertainment park provides an opportunity to recreate after amazing scientific journey. Numerous attractions, marry-go-rounds and seesaws will help your child to relax. Tasty ice-cream together with funny attractions will allow nobody to stay indifferent. 

Let your kid feel heart-racing emotions and buy a ticket to a big dipper, “loop-the-loop”, huge fairground rides, racing cars and many other incredible amusement rides. Or you can choose an extreme attraction “falling tower” with free fall. Magic Park occupies an area of 70 000 square kilometers. Kids will find themselves in a big city of happiness and joy. Make a present for your children – bring them to NOESIS and they will remember the day as the best experience of their childhood. 



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