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Thessaloniki Kids Tour

Duration / time start
1 day / 10:00
200 km.
Erudite Tour for Kids and Grown-Ups. NOESIS – is a Museum of Technologies, where an ordinary person becomes an explorer. Here you will not find a sign “Please, do not touch”. It is an amazing planet of devices, automobiles and games. NOESIS - is a portal to virtual worlds. Your kid will be delighted with such combination of fun and education.

An exciting, fun-filled tour

Take your child on a journey to Thessaloniki that’ll be both educational and enjoyable. Regular sightseeing trips to Byzantine temples, Greek ruins, and scenic views can become dull for kids. Instead, make the experience more incredible by visiting the noesis science centre and the museum of technologies. They’ll be amazed by the incredible cars, cutting-edge technologies, and captivating games.

Noesis science centre

Experience more than 40 interactive exhibits filled with the newest scientific achievements! Children and their parents can get hands-on with the displays, spinning and tossing them around without any restrictions. Join in the thrilling activities and have fun playing games with your kids!

Ancient sci-tech discoveries

The second hall of the science complex is just as entertaining as the first one! It is dedicated to the machines and inventions of ancient greece from all areas of science, like astronomy, mathematics, construction engineering, and military tech. All the artifacts have been recreated as accurately as possible to their ancient predecessors.

Parents now have the perfect opportunity to get their kids interested in history and science. Boys will especially be drawn to the hall of classic cars. The shining bumpers of cars from different eras will transport them to the exciting history of the automobile. All the cars were brought here from different regions around the world and also feature a variety of models.

A cosmic adventure

Why not treat your family to an unforgettable experience of the universe? The science centre is the perfect place to introduce your kids to the wonders of the stars.

The planetarium

Inside the planetarium, visitors can observe the night sky with all its incredible beauty, from the milky way to the sun in all its glory.

Noesis amphitheatre

To add to the adventure, you can then head to the noesis amphitheatre and watch an exhilarating science film.

Enter the marvels of virtual reality

The noesis centre showcases a variety of remarkable marvels that are sure to capture the attention of you and your children. Perhaps, science and technology could become something that you and your kids share a passion for in the future. The virtual reality simulators will transport you to a make-believe world, where you could, for example, pilot an attack jet. The platforms are built to support movement in six directions, thus creating a believable atmosphere during the game, and are sure to leave kids in awe.

Magic park 

At magic park, the day can end with a bang! It is the perfect place to have a fun time after a stimulating journey of knowledge. A plethora of activities and rides promise to keep every child entertained. From carousels to swings, the sky’s the limit! And with delicious ice-cream to round out the fun, it’s sure to be a blast. No one will be able to resist!

Treat your kid to an exciting experience

Bring your child to noesis and let them experience the thrill of the rides! The 70,000 square kilometer area is full of wild rides like the big dipper, loop-the-loop and racing cars. If they’re up for something even more extreme, they can try out the «falling tower» with a free fall. It’s a surefire way to make them happy and create fantastic memories of their childhood.


Magic Park


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