Departure region Cassandra

Olympian Rhapsody

Duration / time start
1 day / 07:00
500 km.
The place near the gorgeous Olympus is full of amazing monuments of all ages. There are stones that annihilated the ancient Titans, the ruins of Zeus's hail Dion, the outpost of Byzantine warriors and the fairy village of St. Panteleimon.

The ancient city of Dion

The city of Dion, the cultural capital of Macedonia lies in the northern lands beyond the passes of Olympus. The city of Zeus was unusually large in its best time. There were 9-day sports competitions, like the Olympic Games, dedicated to the Thunderer. Here people sang hymns to the Lord of Olympus and presented generous gifts, and the whole city gathered for theatrical shows in honor of great Zeus. And He, apparently, was supportive of Dion, as this policy managed to convey to the present day all of its treasures like the theater, the Villa of Dionysus, the Sanctuary of Isis and marble sculptures of Greek gods. There is complete silence because time has stopped, and the ancient gods disappeared behind the peaks of Olympus thousands of years ago.

Mount Olympus

It is impossible to visit Greece and not climb Mount Olympus, which the Gods themselves recognized as their abode! Every stone reminds of celestials. Some of the stones still keep traces of the powerful fingers of the Story Hands, which helped the Olympians to defeat the Titans. The coolness of the Olympic Mountains, the mystical lands of Hellas and pile of fluffy clouds make you weep with delight and reverence. A little bit higher the Olympic waterfall rustles with crystal waters, growing into the river Enipeas, where Zeus has quenched thirst. Here, at an altitude of a thousand kilometers, there is an ancient monastery of St. Dionysiusand the cave of the same name, striking with their silence and peace. 

The village of St. Panteleimon

Even more peaceful will be the enchanted world of the village of St. Panteleimon. As if a modern world did not touch this fabulous place and did not destroy its charm. The medieval roads and streets, living their own lives, embody the world of Andersen and Pushkin, Aesop, and the Brothers Grimm. Cobbled paths, small two-story houses, roof tiles and intertwined plane trees will recall images from all favorite children's tales. In the heart of the village is a modest church of St. Panteleimon, a Christian physician, and helper of all warriors. Light, quiet and devoid of the pomposity of the city's churches, it hospitably receives every parishioner.

The town of Platamonas

In the town of Platamonas, white walls of the fortress towering on a high hill, which was hidden behind a series of already southern passes of Olympus. Delivered as a gift from the Byzantines, the fortress of Platamon adorns this mountain appearance for not less than a thousand years. Although it’s known that the Byzantines weren’t the first one to occupy this place. Even ancient Hellenes erected their fortifications near Platamon, which set off the medieval spirit of the fortress to this day. You can see an impressive view from the white stone tower of that great castle. Earlier, the guards could fully control the land and sea routes linking Macedonia with Central Greece from here. But now the military appointment of the fort is forgotten. Only the camera lenses of travelers, surprised by the panorama spread out under their feet, are directed to the surrounding landscape.



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