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Olympian Rhapsody

Duration / time start
1 day / 07:00
500 km.
Hidden legacy of Dion, Climb mount Olympus, Enchanting village of st. Panteleimon and Platamonas town

Hidden legacy of Dion

The mysterious city of Dion, once the hub of culture in Macedonia, is found in the northern lands beyond the mountains of Olympus. It was an abnormally large city at its peak, where nine-day long competitions, similar to the Olympic games, were held in honour of the thunderer. People sang verses to the lord of Olympus, gave gifts, and the entire population assembled for theatrical shows dedicated to great Zeus.

Evidently, the deity was fond of Dion, as this city has preserved many of its treasures over the years, including the theatre, the villa of Dionysus, the sanctuary of Isis, and marble sculptures of greek gods. All is silent now, as time has frozen, and the ancient deities have been lost in the shadows of Olympus thousands of years ago.

Climb mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is a must-see for visitors to greece. Its stones are a reminder of the gods and their battles with the titans. The captivating chill of the mountains, the mysterious landscapes of hellas and the fluffy clouds will have you in awe. Higher up, the Olympic waterfall cascades crystal-clear water, which eventually turns into the river enipeas — where Zeus once drank. At a height of a thousand metres, there is an old monastery of st. Dionysius and a cave of the same name, which is silent and tranquil.

Enchanting village of st. Panteleimon

The tranquil village of st. Panteleimon is an entrancing world, seemingly untouched by the hustle and bustle of modern life and preserving its allure. The old-fashioned roads and alleys recall the works of famous authors like hans christian andersen, alexander pushkin, aesop, and the brothers grimm. Meandering pathways, quaint two-story homes, clay tiles and canopying plane trees provide a picturesque backdrop for your favorite childhood fairytales.

In the center of this village stands a simple church dedicated to st. Panteleimon, a christian healer and guardian to warriors. The church exudes a peaceful ambiance, welcoming all believers with its serenity and lack of ostentation.

Platamonas town

Situated in the region of olympus, the town of Platamonas boasts a majestic fortress that has been standing atop a hill for over a millennium. It is said that the byzantines were the ones to first occupy this area, though the ancient greeks had also built fortifications nearby. From the white stone tower of the castle, one can take in a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape.

The fortress used to be central in controlling the land and sea routes connecting Macedonia with Central Greece. Nowadays, however, its military importance has been forgotten, and it is instead the camera lenses of curious travelers that are pointed towards the beauty of the area.


St. Panteleimon
Platamonas Castle
Olympus Mountain


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