Departure region Cassandra

Unknown Halkidiki

Duration / time start
1 day / 8:30
500 km.
Do you think that you have already seen everything here and fully know Halkidiki? Are you sure that nothing interesting and unusual was left unexplored? Join our tour and you will understand that this is not true.

Explore a different side of Halkidiki

Tempted to travel to Halkidiki but think it has nothing special to offer? Think again! This tour will show you a completely different, unique, interesting and vibrant side of the Peninsula. You’ll get to experience the distinctive stories, scents and other exciting benefits which make Halkidiki so special!

An extraordinary journey

Experience the beauty of nature and its bounties with a trip to halkidiki! Stroll through the hills and alpine meadows, take a dip in the inviting turquoise sea, and bask on the golden beaches. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and lose yourself in the serenading notes of the mountain birds. Enjoy some fresh mountain honey straight from the apiary and learn the secrets of beekeeping.

Sample the divine nectar of the local grapes, made by some of the best winemakers in greece. And discover the secrets of how olive oil and goat milk cheeses are made from the friendly locals! All these gastronomic delights are only a fraction of what this spectacular region has to offer.

A journey of enchantment and delight

Greece is the perfect destination for a truly remarkable trip. Its vast array of activities, sights, and experiences are second to none, from unforgettable historical monuments to breathtaking views of nature. But the main reason for a visit here is the sea and the glorious beaches of halkidiki. This is the grand finale of a delightful excursion, the ultimate in relaxation and pleasure.

Discover the traditional Macedonian town of Arnea

Arnea is a quaint, traditional macedonian village with unique architecture. Its tiled roofs, overhanging balconies, and tranquil views will transport you back in time, to a period when tourists came looking for something else entirely, usually wearing chain mail and loudly clanking sabers.

The chalcidian confederation

In the 5th century bc, the chalcidian confederation (known as «κοινο χαλκιδεων») was created to guard against possible influxes of tourists. The city of olinfos served as the headquarters of the confederation until it fell under the control of Philip ii of Macedon in the 4th century bc.

The ancient city of stagira

In addition, the city of stagira was also destroyed by philip, but his son, alexander the great, restored it out of gratitude for the fact that aristotle, one of the most renowned philosophers in the world, came from the city. In 2016, archaeologists made a remarkable discovery when they found fragments of the grave monument of the great philosopher after 20 years of excavation.


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What to take

First of all, you will need a camera to capture this beauty not only in your memory. Since the tour offers a tasting of local food and drinks, it is better to take money for additional goods and souvenirs.

What to wear

Since first of all, you should count on rest on the beach, take a swimsuit and a hat with you. Also, carry comfortable clothes and shoes for long and varied walks.