Departure region Cassandra

Unknown Halkidiki

Duration / time start
1 day / 8:30
500 km.
Do you think that you have already seen everything here and fully know Halkidiki? Are you sure that nothing interesting and unusual was left unexplored? Join our tour and you will understand that this is not true.

At the moment, you probably think that Halkidiki has nothing to surprise the tempted traveler. If you perceive our cozy peninsula exclusively as a "resort zone", which has nothing spectacular but a magical sea, appealing views, and a landscape, we will try to convince you. This tour will aid you to see a completely varied, original, interesting and bright life of Halkidiki, with a lot of unique stories, aromas, and other benefits!

The beauty of nature and its gifts

Mountains and hills, alpine meadows and valleys are mixed in our journey with sea turquoise and golden sand of local beaches. This is an infrequent chance to avoid the bustle and hustle of noisy resorts and enjoy the natural harmony. The singing of numerous feathered mountain dwellers will enchant your ears and will forever remain in your memory. Here you can try the fresh mountain honey right on the apiary, having learned from the beekeeper the secrets and peculiarities of his sweet business. You will witness how bunches of grapes become a beloved drink not only of elusive gods but also of most of the inhabitants and guests of Hellas. And, of course, you will try this divine nectar, made by one of the best winemakers in Greece. The locals will reveal to you their secrets of how olive oil is made and how many diverse types of cheese are made from goat's milk. All this gastronomic diversity is only a small fraction of those that the Halkidiki are ready to share with you.

A rich history, bewitching architecture, marvelous views, virgin nature and a huge choice of entertainment could already make an impressive trip. But do not forget why people come to Greece first! This is our incredible sea and chic banks. Therefore, a cherry on this delicious excursion cake is a bathing on one of the most beautiful beaches of the peninsula of Halkidiki.

The village of Arne and facts of its history

You will be surprised by the traditional Macedonian architecture of Arnea, with indispensable tiled roofs and overhanging balconies. Local views not only please the eye, but takes you centuries ago, in that period when tourism pursued completely different goals, and the tourists who attended these places, as a rule, were dressed in chain mail and loudly saber-rattled.

To defend against such "tourist flows", The Chalcidian Confederation ("ΚΟΙΝΟ ΧΑΛΚΙΔΕΩΝ") was founded in the 5th century BC with the center in Olinfos. This city fell along with the entire Confederation under the onslaught of the tyranny of Philip II of Macedon in the 4th century BC. Another ponderable city, the ancient Stagira, was also destroyed by Philip. But his son, the Great Alexander, restored it in gratitude for the fact that the city gave the world the greatest of "wise", Aristotle. A sensational breakthrough was made here by archaeologists in 2016, when, 20 years after the excavation began in ancient Stagir, fragments of the grave monument of the great philosopher were discovered.



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What to take

First of all, you will need a camera to capture this beauty not only in your memory. Since the tour offers a tasting of local food and drinks, it is better to take money for additional goods and souvenirs.

What to wear

Since first of all, you should count on rest on the beach, take a swimsuit and a hat with you. Also, carry comfortable clothes and shoes for long and varied walks.