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Edessa Waterfalls & Aridea Thermal baths

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All the travellers coming to Thessaloniki have a stunning possibility of visiting Edessa Waterfalls and Aridea Thermal baths. They say, hot springs of Loutra in Aridea can heal many diseases, and Edessa Waterfalls relax with their tranquility mixed with inner power.

The marvelous benefits of Lutra thermal springs

Lutra thermal springs are so bountiful that they have formed a large river, aptly named «termopotamos», meaning «hot river». Rainwater infiltrates the earth to great depths and is heated, before emerging through natural crevices, enriched with minerals and other chemical compounds.

Historically, these thermal baths have been used to treat a variety of illnesses, including cardiovascular issues, respiratory disorders, rheumatism, gynecological issues, and skin conditions. Today, it remains a popular destination for its state-of-the-art hydrotherapy clinic, comprising of over 50 baths and pools filled with mineral hot and cold waters.

Enchanting «garden of Eden»

This awe-inspiring area, otherwise known as the «garden of Eden» is sure to meet the expectations of even the most discerning traveller. Its winding 15 km-long ravine, its secret caves with their stalagmites, and its lush, green forest will all charm you. The landscape’s varied terrain directs the steam-covered water, and is cut off at the 20-meter-tall waterfall. This powerful and gorgeous cascade, with its breathtakingly beautiful appearance, is said to have a healing effect. Its 38°c water can give you a rejuvenating massage, loosening your muscles.

This hot water, coming up from the earth, was already famous for its healing properties in the time of alexander the great, when warriors used it to heal their injuries. The river, the mountains, the crystal-clear air, the mineral water which can be found everywhere, all come together to create a stunning picture that is sure to captivate anyone fortunate enough to witness all these natural wonders.

Lying in a hot spring, surrounded by a snow-covered landscape in the wintertime, is a mystical and almost unbelievable experience. When you feel peckish, the delicious smell of shish kebab coming from the taverns nearby will guide you to a place where you can enjoy a tasty meal and experience greek cuisine.

Delightful delights of Edessa waterfalls

When in aridea, don’t miss the unique opportunity to visit the edessa waterfalls. The hot springs at lutra can help to heal your body, but the enchanting beauty of the cascading waterfalls at edessa can mend the soul. A 70-meter high karanos waterfall captivates the senses and even allows visitors to stand on a bridge inside the canyon and marvel at the view.

The magnificent waterfalls of Edessa

At the end of the xivth century, a powerful earthquake occurred in the area, transforming the landscape and creating numerous waterfalls — seven of which, two of them still standing today. The most famous and largest, koranos, is equipped with benches, observation platforms and even a bridge, which leads directly underneath the waterfall.

In the 1940s a german military officer made an impressive improvement to the waterfall, constructing small ponds and planting flowers all around. As a result, in two decades the area was totally transformed, becoming a paradise and a tourist attraction, being considered one of the most beautiful places in the balkans.

Pozar’s natural healing waters

The springs of pozar, situated at a distance of 30 km from edessa, are renowned for their curative powers. In ancient greece, warriors who had taken part in battles and raids were brought here to heal their injuries. Today, lutra pozar is a renowned european hydrotherapy hospital with a state-of-the-art spa complex, multiple swimming pools filled with naturally pure water, a classic hammam, and a massage parlor. Visiting pozar will leave you with an overwhelming sense of joy and wonder, thanks to the magnificent natural beauty and unique sights that abound in the area.




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What to take

To enjoy a bath in hot springs, please take the bath accessories, a towel and a bathrobe. Take also drinking water, money for souvenirs, lunch and bathing in thermal springs.

What to wear

Picking Edessa & Aridea Thermal baths tour, put on comfortable shoes without heels and casual clothes (for the season).