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Meteora & Corfu

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Two amazing places together will be opened to you on the route of Meteora-Corfu, where the traveler can go to a real Paradise on the Earth - the land of ancient Kerkyra.

Meteora — heavenly rocks

Meteora, these divine rocks, renowned globally, are located within the vast plain of thessaly. Ancient orthodox monasteries are perched atop the sloping summits of the towering stones seemingly suspended in the atmosphere. This phenomenal fusion of the holy and human, spiritual and man-made is awe-inspiring. It is no wonder meteora is the second most visited destination in greece for pilgrims.

The captivating architecture, spectacular views, the scrumptious artwork of the temples, and the asceticism of the monks is what lures people from all over the globe to this place.

Monasteries of Meteora

Numerous monasteries, the foundation of christian faith, stand here upon the rocks as if they are a single entity with the world around them. As one ascends from the town of Kalambaka to the walls of the monastery, one will continually wonder, «how did this come to be?» after all, the earliest of these religious establishments — the skete of the holy spirit — was constructed here in the 10th century, and by whom? A hermit monk, no doubt, with the only support coming from the lord! At its zenith, the meteors contained a total of 24 monasteries.

Sadly, many of these have been deserted, and some have been destroyed over the centuries, but six of the monasteries remain, open to all who visit this remarkable place, suspended between the realms of earth and heaven.

A trip to Corfu

Don’t forget to explore the unesco world heritage site of corfu! Begin your journey at cape kanoni for lovely views of the mini island Ponticonisi, home of the renowned st. Nicholas monastery and its miraculous icon. Follow the winding white-stone stairs through a wooded area, which locals have christened the «mouse tail,» to reach the temple.

The five-kilometer journey from the cape to the island’s capital also features the christ Pantokrator monastery, the ruins of ancient greek settlements, and the mont repo palace in full bloom. Experience the beauty of Corfu for yourself and make unforgettable memories!

Beautiful quay to Corfu

The beautiful quay will bring you to Corfu’s venetian city — the capital. Empires vied for the city, as it was a desirable prize, from centuries ago.

Ancient times

Time travel to the Paleofrurio, a venetian castle, which is separated from the city by a water canal. The tower of st. Spiridon’s wealthiest church in the east will also be a captivating sight.

Pilgrims & locals

Pilgrims and locals alike come to the temple for help and healing of the soul. Corfu life revolves around the temple.

Unmissable Paleokastritsa

If you’re on the island, you can’t leave without seeing Paleokastritsa. Everyone’s breath will be taken away by the sight of the snow-white beaches, rugged rocks, and crystal-clear waters of the sea near this village. It’s as if a paradise exists on earth and it’s hidden in the coves of Paleokastritsa. Here, you’ll find the life-giving spring, the renowned icon of the mother of god, located in theotoku monastery.

After your soul is sated from the spiritual experience, it’s time to pamper your body. Wander the quaint streets of paleokastritsa and you’ll come across many restaurants and cafes where you can savor the indescribable taste of greek dishes such as moussaka, tzatziki and venetian sofrito.




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What to take

Drinking water, money for souvenirs, lunch and entrance tickets to monasteries, a positive attitude and a desire to get rich spiritually :)

What to wear

Comfortable shoes, a hat, appropriate clothes for visiting monasterie(covered shoulders, trousers / skirt below the knees, closed décolletage).