Departure region Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki City Tour

Duration / time start
4 часа / 9-00
20 km.
This tour will help you to know and love Thessaloniki

Beauty of Thessaloniki

Try to ask any habitant of the Northern capital of Greece why he is fond of his city. It is unlikely that you will be answered by a lengthy listing of the historical sites and some monuments of Thessaloniki. You will also not hear the eulogies of urban architecture and descriptions of favorite spots in the city. Most likely, you will be briefly explained: "Σαν τη Θεσσαλονίκη δεν έχει!” In translation, this roughly means that there is no other such amazing place in the world. And this phrase really describes Thessaloniki in the best way. Despite the fact that it's easy to argue, being in this city you will surely notice a unique atmosphere. This impression is created thanks to the colorful history and friendliness of the locals.

For more than two thousand years of its saturated history, Thessaloniki was a witness of many cultural periods and eras, each of them left its imprint on the appearance and soul of the metropolis. Despite the fact that dozens of generations have changed from some events, the influence of different periods on people is palpable even now. A city with a unique aura penetrates through the millennia of history and is felt even through the concrete constructions of modernity. Just walking around the city on a pleasantly warm evening you will feel it.

Thessaloniki is the capital of the Macedonian kingdom, the main center of the Roman province and the city of the Emperor at the same time! It is also the cultural capital of Byzantium and the Ottoman bastion. In some sources, the city is called "Mother of Israel". It's hard to believe, but Thessaloniki is also counting to be the birthplace of Turkish democracy. Culture and terrain, like historical facts, will easily confirm each of these names. In our time, the city is simply described as the youth capital of Europe.

Orthodox churches and aged monasteries, Byzantine towers and minarets, the "new classics" and dilapidated modernity are combined in this city in a bewitching way. All these incongruous things will help you to reveal the local atmosphere. Without noticing this, you will feel yourself a resident of this earthly paradise, and this feeling will remain within you even after leaving the city.

Of course, there are places in Thessaloniki that you simply have to visit as part of familiarizing yourself with local calorie and atmosphere. The Byzantine walls of the Upper Town, the White Tower, the Basilica of St. Demetrius, the Roman Forum and Arch Galleria are surely worthy of your attention. But in addition to these classic sightseeing places, there are still a lot of bright places not known to most tourists. All this and many other things you will see during our tour.

Try to learn and love Thessaloniki, just as the locals love it! And this place is sure to become one of your favorite places on the map. 



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What to take

You need water, money for food and local souvenirs, a positive attitude and a desire to get rich spiritually! And of course, take the camera to capture local beauties.

What to wear

Take comfortable footwear and season clothes. To visit the temples you need the appropriate clothing to make shoulders, knees, and neck covered.