Departure region Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki City Tour

Duration / time start
4 часа / 9-00
20 km.
This tour will help you to know and love Thessaloniki

Captivating charm of Thessaloniki

Enquire any local of the striking metropolis of Greece why they cherish their city and you will likely not be met with a lengthy recitation of the historical landmarks and edifices of Thessaloniki. Neither will you hear praises of the urban design or depictions of the resident’s favorite spots. Even though it`s open to debate, when you`re in this city, you can sense a unique atmosphere. This feeling is given off by the vivid past and the warm-heartedness of the people.

Rich history

For more than two millennia, Thessaloniki`s culture has been heavily influenced by the many eras that have come and gone. Despite the passage of time, this imprint can still be felt in the city. It has a unique atmosphere that transcends the centuries, a feeling that can be experienced even amidst the concrete and steel of modernity. A stroll on a balmy evening will bring this to life.

Capital of Macedonian kingdom, roman province and emperor`s city

Thessaloniki, a city with a rich history and culture, is known for its prominent role in the Macedonian kingdom, the roman province and the domain of the emperor. In some sources, the city is even referred to as the «mother of Israel». Additionally, the city is credited with being the birthplace of Turkish democracy. It is now known as the youth capital of Europe.

Must-see attractions in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a city full of spectacular sights that everyone should visit at least once. Be sure to take in the historic byzantine walls of the upper town, the white tower, the basilica of st. Demetrius, the roman forum and arch galleria. In addition to these touristy highlights, there are plenty of lesser-known gems to explore. On our tour, you`ll have the chance to discover all the hidden gems the city has to offer.


Agia Sophia Cathedral
St. Demetrius Cathedral
St. Gregory Palamas Cathedral
Arch of Galerius
Jewish Monuments of Thessaloniki
Ano Poli
The White Tower
Ancient Forum


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What to take

You need water, money for food and local souvenirs, a positive attitude and a desire to get rich spiritually! And of course, take the camera to capture local beauties.

What to wear

Take comfortable footwear and season clothes. To visit the temples you need the appropriate clothing to make shoulders, knees, and neck covered.