Departure region Thessaloniki

Athens City Tour

Duration / time start
2 days / 9:00
1400 km.
During two days you can see the many cultural and historical monuments of Athens, feel part of ancient and centuries-old history.

A two-day tour of Athens begins in the early morning - this will allow you to see as many  sights of the capital of Hellas as possible. This is one of the few capitals of the world, where the rapid life of a large city literally freezes, paying homage to the ancient archaeological complexes. The ancient buildings are like fairy-tale scenery, and they appear as golden columns from the depths of history.

What will you see?

While having a leisurely and fascinating walk, you can see the temple of Olympian Zeus, the  building of Parliament, the ancient Acropolis with its famous temples. Walking along the Acropolis, you can appreciate a beautiful view of the Agora with the temple of Hephaestus, admire the stone shells of the amphitheatres of Herod, Attica and Dionysus, see the labyrinths of the streets of Plaka.

Acropolis of Athens

The Acropolis in Ancient Greece is the largest in its scale and a unique landmark of the city, as well as an attractive tourist attraction. Time here seems to stop and freeze in the impeccable elegance of ancient architectural forms. Visitors` attention is attracted to the columns of the Parthenon, which are located at certain angles with respect to each other. They are the basis for the layout of the entrance to the temple, in which the statue of Athena is made of bone and gold.

Amphitheater of Dionysus

The tragedies of Sophocles, Aeschylus, and Euripides were first performed on this stage. Tourists will be extremely interested to contemplate the world's oldest antique theatre, furthermore it will be rather educational. This theatre appeared in the 5th century BC. Guides will offer tourists to check the excellent acoustics of an amphitheater in such way: one person rises to the highest altitude and listens to what another tourist in the orchestra pit says. Visiting the amphitheater will ensure maximum immersion in the era, and if you come in the evening, you can see the most real performances and concerts ever.

Temple of Hephaestus

It is one of the best preserved architectural monuments of Ancient Greece. This temple is dedicated to Athena, she is the patroness of the Greek capital. According to legends, the goddess patronized pottery. There are ancient sculptures holding in the temple that will tell tourists about the legendary exploits of Hercules.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

The temple of Zeus was conceived as the most imposing construction of the ancient world, but it could not be completed for a long time. Its construction was conducted for more than six centuries, but the temple was finally destroyed by an earthquake already about 300 years after the erection. Tourists are invited to inspect the 14 remaining columns - they represent one of the corners of the temple. The length of the temple is quite impressive - 96 meters. There were more than a hundred of columns earlier, but most of them have not survived till nowadays.

Two days of acquaintance with Athens will allow you to look into the very soul of Greece, to learn its history, to comprehend the beauty and grandeur of the monuments of architecture and culture that have reached us. You will plunge into the depths of centuries and enjoy the creations of ancient ancestors, immortalized in stone and silently testifying about the highest level of development and culture of those who lived in this blessed land many centuries ago.

1st Day

Let's go!
approx. 7 hrs

Transfer to Athens with technical stops (cofee/wc) On the way we'll visit the 300 Spartans monument on the spot of legendary battle V b.c..

Arrival to Athens

Athens hotel check-in. Night walking tour in the city center with magnificent Acropolis view.

2d Day

Acropolis Excursion

We\'ll start our tour by visiting the Athens Acropolis. Parthenon, Airihtheon, Propilea , Amphitheatre, Agora - all these words, previously being \"greek\' for you, will open their deep historical and cultural meaning

City Tour
approx. 1 hour

Driving through the Athens City Center to visit the most famouse spots, like Syntagma & Omonia Square, Panathenaic Stadium, Presidential and Parlament Buildings, guarded by the \"squirted soliders\" called Evzonoi etc.

Free time
approx. 2 hrs

To walk the streets of beautifull Athens.

Going home.
approx. 6 hrs

Transfer back to Thessaloniki



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What to take

Take a few bottles of water, a soft pillow for comfortable placement on the stone seats of the amphitheater, binoculars to view the sights from the tops of the Acropolis.

What to wear

The light and comfortable shoes are a real must have, because you have to walk a lot, sometimes across rocks and ruins. To visit the temples and monasteries of Greece, it is strongly recommended to be worn some restrained clothing that cover the open parts of the body as much as possible.