Departure region Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Kids Tour

Duration / time start
One day / 10:00
200 km.
Erudite Tour for Kids and Grown-Ups. NOESIS – is a Museum of Technologies, where an ordinary person becomes an explorer. Here you will not find a sign “Please, do not touch”. It is an amazing planet of devices, automobiles and games. NOESIS - is a portal to virtual worlds. Your kid will be delighted with such combination of fun and education.

A fun and entertaining tour

Bring your kid on a journey of discovery to Thessaloniki and visit the noesis science centre and the museum of technologies. Your child will be captivated by a world of astonishing automobiles, amazing technology and thrilling experiences. Ditch the traditional visits to byzantine churches, ancient Greek ruins and countryside views — they can get a bit dull! Instead, your child will be delighted by a journey to a place of wonder and amazement.

Experience cutting-edge technologies

In the main exhibition space of the noesis science centre, visitors will find more than 40 interactive exhibits. From touch-screen displays to interactive games, the hall demonstrates the most advanced scientific developments. Children are welcome to explore and experiment with the displays, and parents can join in the fun and play with their kids.

Ancient discoveries of science — explored in the second hall

The pleasure of investigating the second hall will be just as exciting as the first. This part of the science complex is dedicated to the machines and devices of ancient Greece from various scientific fields, such as astronomy, mathematics, construction technology and military science. Every exhibit is accurately reconstructed, giving the appearance of the original.

Parents have the great chance to ignite the interest of their children in history and science. Boys will be particularly captivated by the hall of vintage cars. Shiny bumpers of cars from different eras will take them to a thrilling journey through the history of the automobile. All cars were obtained from different parts of the world and feature a variety of models of our four-wheeled companion.

Mystifying trek to the depths of the cosmos

If your kids have never been to a science centre featuring a planetarium, this is a great opportunity for you to introduce the magical universe to them. It includes an amazing journey through outer space and the vast dome of the planetarium gives them the chance to observe an awe-inspiring star map with its stunning milky way, comets with incredible stories and our very own luminary in its entirety. After this celestial experience, they can also explore the noesis amphitheatre and enjoy a thrilling scientific film.

Wonders of virtual reality

The noesis centre offers a range of exciting surprises to you and your family. Who knows, science and technology may become your favourite hobby soon. Virtual reality simulators will transport you to a fantasy realm, where you can become, say, an aircraft pilot. Platforms enable movement in six dimensions, providing an incredibly immersive experience while playing and leaving kids in awe.

Magic park

To cap off a magnificent day of exploration, why not take a trip to the magic park? That fun-filled area has something for everyone, perfect for winding down after a thrilling voyage of discovery. A variety of exciting rides, carousels, and swings await the young explorer, ensuring they can relax and have a good time. Delicious ice-cream, in combination with the many amusements, is certain to leave everyone with a smile on their face.

Treat your kids to an adrenaline-pumping adventure!

Introduce your children to the thrill of heart-pounding rides at the magic park. With a 70,000 square kilometer area, they can explore a city of joy and delight. Choose between the big dipper, loop the loop, and other thrilling rides. Or, they can take on the extreme falling tower with a free fall experience! Make a lasting memory for your kids   take them to noesis and they will remember the day fondly for the rest of their lives.


Magic Park


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