Departure region Thessaloniki

The Beauty of Sithonia

Duration / time start
One day / 8:00
400 km.
Swim in clear seas, bask in the sun on the most beautiful beaches, taste delicious local wines, savour Greek cuisine and admire breathtaking views.

Discover Sithonia

Come explore Sithonia and discover why it`s become one of the most famous peninsula-resorts in the world. Located in the center of Halkidiki, Sithonia will capture your heart with its tranquility and natural beauty. Enjoy the peacefulness of the air, scented with pine, the old pine trees and the stunning views. Our tour will show you the most amazing aspects of this place!

Explore the timeless villages of Sithonia

Venture into the picturesque hamlets of Sithonia and experience timelessness that has seemingly remained unchanged over the years! With its stunning mountain ranges as well as its verdant forests, you can take pleasure in the leisurely life of friendly locals and be enchanted by the breathtaking natural scenery around them.

The serene beaches

The bays and beaches of the Sithonia peninsula are some of the most stunning in all of mainland Greece. Take in the fresh sea breeze and swim in the calm waters of the aegean sea. Relax on the soft sand and marvel at the beauty of nature.

Enjoy the delicacies

Indulge in the delectable cuisine of Sithonia! The seafood and wine will tantalize your taste buds and create a truly memorable gastronomical experience. Spend a day in Sithonia and you`ll feel like you’re in paradise!

Neos Marmaras — a delightful village

Take a journey to this quaint, largest resort of Sithonia with white homes and red rooftops. Here, you can explore the traditional Greek culture and bask in the pleasant air filled with the scent of coffee and fresh-baked bread. Neos Marmaras will truly captivate you with tales from its past and present.

Parthenonas — an open-air museum

When visiting the quaint village of Parthenonas, a person can feel as if they have stepped into an open-air museum. The town has remained in much the same condition as it was a century ago, with old-fashioned buildings and roads. An atmosphere of genuine Greek charm is created by the Macedonian-style houses, cobbled streets and little cafes, all of which look like something out of a fairy tale. The scenery is simply breathtaking! Parthenonas perfectly encapsulates the beauty and sincerity of Greece.

Unmissable — visit Porto Carras

Take an opportunity to be at the luxurious Sithonia resort — Porto Carras. Admire the best and longest beach of the coast with two five-star hotels and the largest thalassotherapy centre. Enjoy the picturesque bay with snow-white sand on the beach and beautiful yachts at sea. Surrounded by a pine forest, it is an ideal spot for luxury tourism in Sithonia.

Porto Koufo

A renowned bay and a natural landmark, Porto Koufo is an impressive liman located among the rocks. One can bask in the sun and swim in the secluded yet beautiful environment of this unique spot.

Kalogria beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in the picturesque Sithonia, Kalogria beach is a true national treasure of Greece. Its long shoreline with soft white sand and crystal clear and gentle waters will bring you unparalleled joy.


Coming to Sithonia, you can`t pass up Vourvourou. An amazing shore situated in a cove close to the namesake town is an attraction for tourists who arrive in Halkidiki. The sea here is a dazzling, bright-turquoise hue. The beach is absolutely stunning.

Kavourotrypes beach

Kavourotrypes is one of the top beaches in the area. Its shoreline is quite peculiar. It is «decorated» with smooth rocks that look like mystical beings. Local artisans also contributed and crafted stone sculptures which enliven the unique landscape with a strip of white sand and transparent, azure waves.

Let;s go!
approx. 45 min.

Transfer to Vourvourou region

Cruising & swimming
2 hours

2 hours cruising by boat through the best beaches and bays of Sithonia. Swimming from the boat & from the shore

As beautifull as it gets!
1 hour

Swimmng stop at the most picturesque beach of Sithonia

Bon appetite!
approx. 1 hour

Lunch at one of the best tavernas in Sithonia with marvelouse view/

Porto Koufos
15 min.

Photo-stop at Porto Koufos fishermen village

In Vino Veritas.
45 min.

Wine testing at Porto Carras Vinery (Optional)

Cofee & Photo
30 min.

stop at beautifull Marmaras & Parthenonas

Akti Elias & Kalograia
1 hour

swimming at the beautifull Kalogria Beach

Back home
approx. 45 min.

Transfer back to the hotel


Halkidiki Sithonia
All the sights of the peninsula


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What to take

- Swimwear!!! - Sunscreen - Make sure your digital devices have loads of space for photos and videos: there will be so, so many impressions to keep - Pocket money for souvenirs and possible on the go expenses - Bottled water

What to wear

- Dress comfortably for a long day rich in activities and impressions - Wear comfortable shoes - Don’t forget headcover