Departure region Thessaloniki

Edessa Waterfalls & Aridea Thermal baths

Duration / time start
Half day / 10:00
400 km.
All the travellers coming to Thessaloniki have a stunning possibility of visiting Edessa Waterfalls and Aridea Thermal baths. A trip to these marvelous places is included into one tour. They say, hot springs of Loutra in Aridea can heal many diseases, and Edessa Waterfalls relax with their tranquility mixed with inner power.

The therapeutic benefits of Lutra thermal springs

The thermal springs of lutra are so plentiful that they form a substantial river, referred to by the locals as «termopotamos,» or «hot river.» this water originates from rainwater that has seeped into the ground and been heated deep below the surface before rising back up through cracks and crevices, endowed with vital minerals and nutrients.

The healing forces of these thermal springs have been acknowledged since antiquity, recommended for treating ailments such as cardiovascular, respiratory and gynecological issues, as well as rheumatism and skin conditions. Today, the area is a popular destination for spa seekers, offering over 50 pools and baths of both hot and cold mineral water.

Mesmerizing «garden of Eden»

This extraordinary spot, also known as the «garden of Eden», leaves the most demanding visitors astounded. They are mesmerized by its vertigo-inducing gorge spanning 15 km, enigmatic caves with stalagmites, and lush, verdant forests. The haphazard topography alters the flow of the steam-veiled water, which is severed by a 20-meter waterfall. This magnificent, mighty cascade, with its bewitching beauty, is said to have a curative effect. Its waters (+38⁰c) can give the most invigorating massage, easing achy muscles.

This natural hot spring, renowned for its restorative powers since the time of alexander the great, when warriors healed their wounds there, is a sight to behold. The river, mountains, pure air and mineral water combine to create an idyllic image that draws the eye of any beholder. Relaxing in a hot spring, as snow cloaks the land in winter, is a transcendent experience. As hunger strikes, the enticing smell of shish kebab wafting from the nearby taverns will provide a guide to the place where one can savor the culinary delights of Greek cuisine.

A magical visit to Edessa waterfalls

When in Aridea, don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the wonders of edessa waterfalls. If the hot springs of lutra can heal your body, then this place can truly captivate your soul. The Karanos waterfall is the highlight of the trip, cascading from a 70-meter height, you can even observe it from the inside, standing on a small bridge constructed in the ravine.

Edessa`s waterfalls — alluring attraction

In the late xivth century a powerful earthquake caused the emergence of various falls in the area, transforming its relief. Back then, there were 7 of them, but only two have remained. The biggest one is called Koranos, that is equipped with seating, many outlook points, and a bridge that leads right under the waterfall.

Prior to 1940, it wasn’t very inviting. But during wwii a german soldier built several ponds and planted flowers around them. Two decades later, the area around the koronas waterfall turned into a paradise, drawing in tourists from the balkans and far beyond. It`s the most picturesque spot with the biggest waterfalls.

Pozar — watery haven of healing

Situated around 30 km away from edessa, pozar has been famed throughout history for its healing properties. During ancient Greece, warriors would often come here to treat their injuries sustained during battle and campaigns. Nowadays, lutra pozar is a renowned hydrotherapy hospital in Europe, boasting a large wellness complex, several pools of pure natural water, a traditional hammam, and a massage salon.

Visitors can also take in the beauty of the area, with its remarkable natural views and captivating sights. Pozar is truly a haven of relaxation and wellness, offering immense pleasure and contentment.

On the Go!
approx.1,5 hours

Transfer to Edessa

The City on the waters
approx. 30 min.

Visiting Edessa Waterfalls & the historical City center

Towards the hot springs
approx. 30 min.

Transfer to the hot springs of Aridea

"Loutra" of Aridea
approx. 1 hour

Bathing in hot keys. You can swim in small indoor individual pools with hot water or in a large outdoor pool. Also in the open air there are hot waterfalls that form a small pool, next to which ther's a waterfall of a cold mountain river .. Fans of a contrast shower - you here !!!

Back home.
approx. 1,5 hour

Transfer back to Thessaloniki




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What to take

To enjoy a bath in hot springs, please take the bath accessories, a towel and a bathrobe. Take also drinking water, money for souvenirs, lunch and bathing in thermal springs.

What to wear

Picking Edessa & Aridea Thermal baths tour, put on comfortable shoes without heels and casual clothes (for the season).