Departure region Thessaloniki

Edessa Waterfalls & Aridea Thermal baths

Duration / time start
Half day / 10:00
400 km.
All the travellers coming to Thessaloniki have a stunning possibility of visiting Edessa Waterfalls and Aridea Thermal baths. A trip to these marvelous places is included into one tour. They say, hot springs of Loutra in Aridea can heal many diseases, and Edessa Waterfalls relax with their tranquility mixed with inner power.

Healing power of Lutra thermal springs 

Hot thermal springs of Lutra are so full that they even form a big river. Locals call it also “Termopotamos” that is translated as “hot river”. These thermal baths are formed as a result of the penetration of rainwater into the soil to a great depth. Being heated there, hot water rises to the surface through natural pores enriched with minerals and other chemical ingredients. The curative properties of these thermal springs are known from ancient times: they are recommended to cure the diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory tract, rheumatism, gynecological and skin diseases. Today the place attracts travellers with its hydropathic clinic offering over 50 baths and pools with mineral water, both hot and cold ones.

Fascinating “Garden of Eden”

This truly fabulous place, called also the “Garden of Eden” impresses even the most demanding tourist. It charms them with its dizzying gorge stretching for 15 kilometers, mysterious caves with stalagmites, green thick forests. The complex mountainous terrain changes the direction of steam-stained water, and the river is “cut off” by a 20-meter waterfall. This powerful gorgeous cascade fascinating everybody with its fantastically beautiful look, has a stunning healing effect. Its waters (+38⁰C) can give you the most toning massage, relaxing your stiff muscles. Hot water, flowing from under the earth, was famous for its power, restoring health even in the times of Alexander of Macedon, when warriors healed their wounds there. River, mountains, crystal clear air, mineral water, which flows literally everywhere form a fantastic picture that intrigues anyone who sees all these natural treasures. Relaxing in a hot spring, when winter covers the land with a snow blanket is something mystical and unrealistic. When you feel like being hungry, delicious smell of a shish kebab that always comes from the taverns located near the springs will be your “guide” to the place where you can have a tasty snack, enjoying Greek cuisine. 

Wonders of Edessa Waterfalls

Coming to Aridea, you must not miss another brilliant chance – a trip to Edessa Waterfalls. If hot springs of Lutra heal your body, this place cures your soul. A cascade of waterfalls that enchants with its beauty is a heart of Edessa. Karanos waterfall falling from the 70-meter height, the lets you admiring it even from inside, standing on a small bridge built in the canyon. 

Waterfalls of Edessa - the main attraction 

Many waterfalls in this area appeared after a powerful earthquake in the late XIVth century. The natural cataclysm dramatically changed the relief of the surrounding lands. That time Edessa had 7 large waterfalls, but only two of them have survived. The largest of them is the Koranos. It is equipped with benches for campers, many observation platforms and a bridge, the walk under which ends directly under the waterfall. However before the 1940s, this landmark of Edessa was very unsightly. During World War II, a Germans military man built several small ponds there and planted flower beds around them. Twenty years passed, and the area around the Koronas waterfall has turned into a true paradise that attracts tourists and gives them magical impressions. This is the most beautiful place, located near large waterfalls in the Balkans.

Healing waters of Pozar

The other thermal springs, located about 30 kilometers from Edessa are called Pozar. In ancient Greece warriors healed their wounds after battles and aggressive campaigns there. Nowadays, Lutra Pozar, the famous hydrotherapy hospital in Europe, has a large wellness complex, several swimming pools with pure natural water, a classical hammam and a a salon of massage procedures. In general, you can get here immense pleasure from watching the breathtaking natural beauty and unique sights surrounding you. 

On the Go!
approx.1,5 hours

Transfer to Edessa

The City on the waters
approx. 30 min.

Visiting Edessa Waterfalls & the historical City center

Towards the hot springs
approx. 30 min.

Transfer to the hot springs of Aridea

"Loutra" of Aridea
approx. 1 hour

Bathing in hot keys. You can swim in small indoor individual pools with hot water or in a large outdoor pool. Also in the open air there are hot waterfalls that form a small pool, next to which ther's a waterfall of a cold mountain river .. Fans of a contrast shower - you here !!!

Back home.
approx. 1,5 hour

Transfer back to Thessaloniki



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What to take

To enjoy a bath in hot springs, please take the bath accessories, a towel and a bathrobe. Take also drinking water, money for souvenirs, lunch and bathing in thermal springs.

What to wear

Picking Edessa & Aridea Thermal baths tour, put on comfortable shoes without heels and casual clothes (for the season).