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Kastoria Fur Shopping

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Looking to buy for a fashionable fur coat at a reasonable price? Come with us on a special Kastoria tour around world famous fur shops. Be ready to practce your bargaining skills.

A fur shopping paradise

Greece draws in visitors from all over the world not only due to its historical and art attractions. It is also renowned for its various trades. Notably, there are numerous furrier workshops that create luxurious fur coats. Fur stores can be found in virtually any Greek resort, but there are also some exceptional places, true havens for fur shopping. Kastoria is one such city; here you can acquire a magnificent fur coat or jacket at an affordable cost for those cold winter days.

Cozy town of fur trade in northern Greece

Kastoria is located in west Macedonia, northern Greece, and is renowned for its fur trade. Visiting the plethora of fur shops is one of the main tourist attractions. The shops offer luxurious fur clothing at reasonable prices, as the majority of them produce items locally. Kastoria`s cool climate makes it an ideal place for producing warm fur garments, and this tradition can be traced back to the middle ages. So when you think of a place to get comfortable and cozy, Kastoria is the place to go!

Kastoria: a fur industry hub

Kastoria is a notable city situated in Greece, renowned for its fur production. Traditionally, family businesses have been passed down through the generations, with each workshop making unique fur fashion items.

Varied selection of fur garments

Kastoria is home to an incredible variety of garments. From fur salons and factories crafting coats and other clothing, to skilled artisans capable of customizing a garment to your exact measurements, this place has it all. Even if you need buttons replaced or a piece altered, these specialists can take care of it for you. Not only are they experienced in this type of work, but they can also provide you with the best advice.

Perfect outcome

The majority of fur garments created by Kastoria follow the trends dictated by the top european designers. Therefore, when you wear one of their coats, you can be confident you will appear sophisticated and charming.

Ever-evolving fashion

The Kastoria fashion experts frequently participate in various fashion shows and fairs around the globe. As a result, the designs regularly incorporate the newest fashion trends and styles.

Uninterrupted revision

Since there are numerous sightseers in the community, furs, fur-related apparel and accessories fly off the racks, and the options are kept fresh with new designs and assortments.

Fur hub of the world

The number of fur manufacturing plants in Kastoria is estimated at over 1500, making it an incredibly high number for a single town. This is why Kastoria is justifiably known as the global hub for fur fashion.

Finding the best shops in kastoria

It’s not possible to visit every store that sells fur clothes in a single trip, so we suggest you check out Kastorian fashion center and kiknon avenue. The latter is a long boulevard with numerous small stores and nearby shops. The vast majority of stores in Kastoria have sellers who can converse in english. However, if you need assistance communicating with the locals, your guides can help you during your shopping excursions.

Kastoria is an ideal destination for those in search of high-quality fur products at great prices. It is also a stunningly gorgeous city with incredible architecture, byzantine temples, scrumptious food, and a hospitable atmosphere. Pay a visit to Kastoria and experience the locals` open-hearted welcome. They know how to make guests feel right at home!

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Its a shopping time!

The Fur Paradise! You'll visit the most famous fur factories of Kastoria.

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What to take

Positive mood and enthusiasm to actively bargain with the sellers. It’s most useful with small shop owners who often work there as salesmen themselves. Sometimes, with a bit of luck, price could go down 50%, if you manage to negotiate wisely.

What to wear

There are no specific recommendations for this excursions, except that you should dress comfortably and warmly. Bringing a sweater or a jacket is highly advised even in hot summer.