Departure region Thessaloniki

Wine Tour "Sommelier"

Duration / time start
One day / 9:00
200 km.
Get acquainted with ancient traditions of winemaking in northern Greece. Relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, taste exquisite wines and bring home a few precious bottles.

‘In vino veritas’ meaning ‘the truth in wine,’ and that is what you will set off to discover during our sommelier tour. Like wine aftertaste, the memories of it will long linger evoking the best recollections from learning about ancient traditions of making and drinking gifts of Dionysus. 

The development of culture in the ancient Hellada and contemporary Greece is unimaginable without such a crucial part as winemaking. Dionysus, the god of wine, pleasure and festivity, was one of the most revered deities. Many loud, fun celebrations were held in his honour on a regular basis. 

If you think of Greece, wine will definitely be on the first ten things that come to mind. Curiously though, today, despite lots of winemaking farms in Greece and long lasting traditions, the fame of their production barely reaches outside the country’s borders. Thus, our Sommelier tour of visiting wineries in northern Greece invites you to learn about process of making these divine drinks full of sunlight and phenomenal flavours — and savour them, of course. If you’re wondering what wine to drink in Greece, we will take you to the right places for you to find the answers. 

Winemaking traditions of the northern Greece 

In northern Greece, there are several regions proud of the oldest winemaking traditions: Epirus, Macedonia and Thrace. Benevolent climate of the valleys surrounded by mountain ranges is conducive to the cultivation of unique varieties of grapes. Local winegrowers produce dozens of kinds of refreshing drinks full of amazing aromas and unforgettable tastes. 

Here wine is a constant complement to lunch in a cafe or dinner at an exclusive restaurant. It’s here that wine aficionados come from the whole world to indulge their senses. Local vineyards are the most mountainous in the north of the country and resistant to difficult climate. Drinks from such grapes have a refreshing taste, and their aromas are reminiscent of fresh fruits. To accompany young wines local cheeses are offered that can be made only here.  

The gift of Dionysus and magnificent landscapes 

Wine tasting tour Sommelier is not only an exclusive opportunity to enjoy unforgettable tastes of the goods by winemakers of northern Greece, but also an exciting journey for true nature lovers. Visiting vineyards on high mountainous plateaus and sun-drenched valleys will invigorate you, and the splendid beauty of nature will bestow the feeling of peace and harmony. 

You will learn about all the nuances of growing vines used to make exquisite drinks blessed by Dionysus himself. And of course, a wine tasting tour could never do without visiting sanctum sanctorum of any winery: you will be welcomed at cellars where genuine masterpieces of winemaking are aging. What wine to buy in Greece? Here you will take your pick making an educated choice. 

Sommelier tour will help enrich your knowledge of wine drinking with old traditions. The best winemakers of northern Greece will offer to try different flavours of their drinks and, perhaps, select a few rare brands, available only here, to add to your home collection. The product of winemakers’ genuine love for their challenging craft and art, wines of the northern of Greece are filled with vitality of amazing nature. 

Feel all the pleasure of tasting drinks leaving aftertaste of harmony and bright memories. After getting to know secrets of Greek winemaking and having tasted Epirus and Thracian wines, you will judge this wonderful drink at a whole new level. 

To visit Dionisos
40 min

Transfer to one of the best wineries in Northern Greece, located on the Halkidiki Mainland

In Vino Veritas
approx. 2 hours

Testing the best local wines of Halkidiki and the famous "Retsina".

approx. 1 hour

To the nearest pass to the Kassandra peninsula to one & unique wine museum

Wine extravaganza!
approx. 1 hour

Get to know some of the best wines from all over Greece! Tasting in the Wine Cellar with a collection of gorgeous Greek wines from different regions of Greece.

15 min.

Transfer to the historical channel of Potidea, on the shore of which is located one of the best fish taverns in Northern Greece.

Marina Sea Food Restaurant
approx.1,5 hour

Complete this journey by enjoying a delicious lunch at the magnificent fish tavern on the beach.

approx. 40 min.

Going home!



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What to take

- Readiness to taste masterpieces of winemaking - Extra money to buy collectible wines - Make sure your digital devices have plenty of space for photos and check their batteries

What to wear

- It’s best to dress lightly, so choose breathing, comfortable clothes - It’s important to wear comfortable and durable shoes - Don’t forget headcover — you’ll often be in the sun