Departure region Thessaloniki

Wine Tour "Sommelier"

Duration / time start
One day / 9:00
200 km.
Get acquainted with ancient traditions of winemaking in northern Greece. Relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, taste exquisite wines and bring home a few precious bottles.

Uncovering the «truth in wine»

Embark on a journey of discovery with our sommelier tour. Our memories of this experience will be long-lasting and evoke the best moments from learning about the age-old tradition of creating and drinking the gifts of Dionysus.

The culture of ancient greece and modern Greece would be incomplete without the important role of winemaking. Dionysus, the god of wine, joy and festivity, was one of the most respected divinities. Numerous joyous celebrations took place regularly in his honour.

Experience divine Greek wines

Have you ever thought of Greece as a country of wine? Despite its long-standing traditions of winemaking and many farms devoted to it, the fame of their production doesn`t extend much beyond the country`s borders. Our sommelier tour can give you an exclusive insight into the process of making these heavenly drinks, full of sunshine and unique flavours — and of course, you`ll be able to savour them too! If you’re wondering which wines to try in Greece, we’ll take you to the best spots to find the answers.

Winemaking in northern Greece

The northern regions of Greece boast of some of the oldest winemaking traditions, and for good reason. The valleys of epirus, macedonia, and thrace have a favorable climate, which allows for the cultivation of unique grape varieties. These regions produce an array of delightful beverages with a wide range of delectable aromas and flavors. You can find dozens of these drinks, all with their own unique character.

Wine and dining

At eateries and fine restaurants, wine is a common accompaniment to lunch and dinner. Connoisseurs come from all over the world to enjoy the experience. Northern vineyards produce grapes that are resilient to the difficult climate, and drinks made from them have a crisp taste and a fruity aroma. Enjoying these wines often requires local cheeses, which are only produced in this region.

Experience with Dionysus and nature

A wine tasting tour with a sommelier is an extraordinary chance to savor the amazing products of northern Greek vintners, as well as an exhilarating voyage for real nature enthusiasts. Trekking through high mountain plateaus and sunny valleys will invigorate you, and the breathtaking natural scenery will impart a serenity and balance to your being.

Take your pick of exquisite drinks blessed by Dionysus

Here you will learn all the fine details of cultivating vines to create exquisite beverages that have been blessed by the great Dionysus. Plus, no visit to a winery would be complete without a visit to their cellars, where you can find the finest craftsmanship of winemaking. When it comes to deciding which wine to purchase in Greece, you can make an informed decision with confidence. In this tour, you will have a vast selection to choose from.

An unforgettable sommelier tour

Take your knowledge of wine drinking to a new level with a sommelier tour. The best winemakers in northern Greece will provide you with the opportunity to sample a wide range of flavours and even pick up some rare varieties that are only available in the region.

The wines created by these passionate artisans are filled with the life energy of the incredible natural beauty that surrounds the area. Don`t miss out on the chance to add a few special bottles to your personal collection.

Enjoy the sensation of drinking

Experience the pleasure of imbibing drinks that leave a delightful aftertaste and vivid memories. Unravel the hidden knowledge of Greek wine-making and sample epirus and thracian wines to gain a fresh perspective on this divine beverage.

To visit Dionisos
40 min

Transfer to one of the best wineries in Northern Greece, located on the Halkidiki Mainland

In Vino Veritas
approx. 2 hours

Testing the best local wines of Halkidiki and the famous "Retsina".

approx. 1 hour

To the nearest pass to the Kassandra peninsula to one & unique wine museum

Wine extravaganza!
approx. 1 hour

Get to know some of the best wines from all over Greece! Tasting in the Wine Cellar with a collection of gorgeous Greek wines from different regions of Greece.

15 min.

Transfer to the historical channel of Potidea, on the shore of which is located one of the best fish taverns in Northern Greece.

Marina Sea Food Restaurant
approx.1,5 hour

Complete this journey by enjoying a delicious lunch at the magnificent fish tavern on the beach.

approx. 40 min.

Going home!


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What to take

- Readiness to taste masterpieces of winemaking - Extra money to buy collectible wines - Make sure your digital devices have plenty of space for photos and check their batteries

What to wear

- It’s best to dress lightly, so choose breathing, comfortable clothes - It’s important to wear comfortable and durable shoes - Don’t forget headcover — you’ll often be in the sun