Departure region Thessaloniki

Meteora Monasteries

Duration / time start
One day / 7:00
520 km.
Excursions to Meteora will impress you with the breath-taking landscapes and statuesque rocks, the magnificence of the Byzantine heritage of the mountain cloisters and hospitality of Kalambaka.

Meteora: soaring in the skies

Meteora, which translates to «soaring in the skies» in Greek, is located on the edge of the thessalian plain. Founded in the 14th century by st. Athanasios Meteorites as part of the monastic state of the holy mountain, it is a well-known site for tourists from all over the world. Along with the acropolis of Athens, meteora is a popular tourist destination for those looking to explore the spiritual wealth of orthodox byzantium.

The six currently operating monasteries, four friaries and two nunneries, have preserved the traditions of byzantine devotional art. Moreover, visitors can find numerous workshops devoted to the art of icon-making. Even the most well-traveled of tourists, such as chinese visitors with their inevitable cameras, become pilgrims at Meteora.

From rope ladders to mountain road

In times past, gaining access to the impressive stone columns of thessaly had to be done via wooden and rope ladders, a task that required considerable skill. Monasteries were kept safe by the hermetical lifestyle of the monks living on the monolithic giants. In the first half of the 20th century, stone stairs and a road were constructed, allowing many travelers to experience the spiritual power of the past. Nowadays, a mountain-climbing expedition is all that is needed to witness the renowned icon-paintings, ancient manuscripts, books and architecture of the cathedrals, with minimal exertion required.

Rejuvenate and discover a sacred spot

After replenishing their souls in Meteora, tourists can restore their energy in one of Kalambaka’s quaint traditional eateries, nestled at the foot of the cliffs. Furthermore, a pilgrimage to the small chasm of tembi`s st. Parasceve, nicknamed «friday», on the road from meteora to Thessaloniki is a must-see. Recently uncovered, the cavernous temple holds an icon of st. Parasceve and an allegedly miraculous source of water which is said to heal eye afflictions.

Let's go!
approx. 3 hours

Transfer to Meteora with a coffee stop at the foot of Mount Olympus.

Prayer in colors
30 min.

Visit to the Iconpainting Workshop at the foot of the Meteora Cliffs

Excursion to the Meteora Monasteries
approx. 3 hours

We visit two or more of the six Meteora monasteries opened for tourists, as well as several historical churches and monasteries, which are closed to visitors, the existence of which is not suspected not only by the numerous tourists, but also by most guides visiting Meteora

approx. 1 hour

in one of the traditional taverns in the town of Kalambaka at the foot of the Meteor Cliffs

Transfer to the winery
20 min.

Transfer to the winery, located close to Meteora (optional)

In Vino Veritas
approx. 40 min.

Acquaintance with the winemaking traditions of Northern Greece and the tasting of local wines (optional)

Back Home!
approx. 2 hours

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What to take

Drinking water, money for souvenirs, your lunch, entrance tickets to monasteries, positive thinking, and desire to be enriched spiritually.:)

What to wear

You need rational footwear and headwear. Please, be rightly dressed when visiting monasteries. - Women have to wear below the knee skirts or dresses. - Trousers, shorts, open shoulders, and high slits are inadmissible for women. - Men must be in trouser