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Holy sites of Halkidiki

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300 km.
“This stronghold of Orthodoxy attracts pilgrims from all over the world. Magnificent temples ascend to the sky; magical landscapes set on sublime thoughts and grant peace to the soul”.

Discover Greece`s hidden treasures

Greece is an exquisite trove of unique works of art, each crafted to capture the spirit of the land. It is simply impossible to explore all the temples and monasteries during one excursion or even one trip — they are scattered across the south, north and centre of the country, as well as many islands. But let our tour help you to visit the most incredible and unforgettable places.

Spiritual and physical healer

God bestowed special abilities upon Saint Anastasia; the capacity to mend spiritual and physical wounds, counter evil enchantment, liberate the wrongfully accused and console those in prison. Established by saint theophano during the reign of her husband, emperor leo vi (886–912), the monastery of basilica, where her relics are kept, has seen times of both prosperity and hardship, yet has remained a stronghold of faith and store of significant relics.

The last refuge of st. Paisios: Souroti

The hamlet of Souroti has been the last haven of the athonite elder, st. Paisios. St. John the theologian’s convent abides by the strictest athonite laws, and the 67 devout sisters honour the lord through candlelight. Paisios svyatogorsk, who established this holy site, passed away at the age of 70 and was laid to rest in this monastery. Visitors can peruse the library, acquaint themselves with the life of the saint’s father, and indulge in the famed rahat-lukum, washed down with the village’s clear spring water. Refreshments for guests have been a long-held custom here.

The annunciation monastery in Ormylia

Established in 1974, the annunciation monastery in Ormylia is one of the most renowned monasteries outside the world-renowned holy mountain. It is now home to more than one hundred nuns, who live by a set of regulations that mirrors that of the elder joseph hesychast of Athos. It is without a doubt one of the largest Greek monasteries.

Saint arsenius and the power of prayer

Not far from the female monastery at Ormylia lies the monastery of the cappadocian saint arsenius, established by monk paisios of Athos. In Greece, Saint Arsenius is deemed the mightiest holy man of the 20th century. Reports tell of his prayers having the strength to pass through solid rock, bring the deaf and blind back to health and restore the ability to walk to the paralyzed. His presence also had the power to subdue those possessed by demons. Visiting this monastery is possible four days a week, except on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays.

Visit the holy monasteries of northern Greece

Fill your spirit to the brim with the divine grace of the sacred monasteries in the north of Greece and feel the spiritual force which safeguards these places. Attending prayer services in the hallowed walls of these old shrines can imbue any visitor with faith in the magical, hope for recovery, and the Lord’s mercy and immense love for all living creatures. Our tour provides an exceptional chance to discover this, and will be of great interest not just to the pious, but to all who appreciate the beauty of nature and the orthodox art which is manifest in the ancient frescoes, paintings, and architecture.


Ormylia, the monastery of the Annunciation of the Mother of God
The monastery of Saint Anastasia of Sirmium
Nunnery of Saint John the Apostle in Souroti


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You should start with a good mood. Take money for souvenirs, food and drink. Photo and video gadgets will help to save your memories, so do not forget them!

What to wear

Visiting holy places, we must not forget that: “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. This applies to clothes - monks welcome restraint and modesty, long dresses and skirts for women and long sleeves for men. Shoes for excursions should be comfortable, includes the mountainous terrain.