Departure region Cassandra

Kastoria, Ioannina, Zagorochoria

Duration / time start
2 days / 9:00
1100 km.
“Such a Greece you have not seen! Mountains, greenery and picturesque settlements. Abandoned villages Zagorochoria, unique arched bridges fascinate tourists and the beautiful Ioannina pleases by its famous baklava and silver products”.

The periphery of Epirus is located in the north-west of Greece, in the mountains and spurs of Pind. According to the legend Apollo loved to visit this area with his muses. Fascinating landscapes, the cleanest mountain air, unique lakes are tuned to a poetic mood. Apparently, therefore, Epirus became a Mecca for creative people of past centuries. Today the region attracts tourists not only with stunning views, but also with the opportunity to arrange a feast of the belly. The dishes are simple: pies with meat and vegetables, baked fish, cheese. But from what products they are cooked! Fresh eel fish and mullet, natural butter, lamb, pork, real Feta. Thanks to the Turkish trail in the history of Ioannina, crazy sweets are still cooking there. To make the food better digested, drink a hearty meal with Greek wine.

The capital of Epirus

Ioannina is the largest city in the region. It is famous for its history. Several centuries under the rule of the Turkish sultan gave the area a special color, so it is impossible to see the monuments of antiquity here. But perfectly preserved Byzantine fortress, inside the walls of which there are not only historical sites, but also a small residential quarter. The picturesque lake, on the banks of which the old town is located, is washed by the island of Nishi. You can get there by boat or ferry to explore miraculously the neighboring Orthodox monasteries and the Ali Pasha museum - the legendary ruler whose name roared in Europe at the beginning of the 19th century. The companion of the Count of Monte Cristo - beautiful Gaydet, in the novel created by Dumas-father, was miraculously saved Ali Pasha’s daughter. Of course, this is an artistic fiction, which only proves how popular this historical character was.


Kastoria is one of the most beautiful cities of Greek Macedonia. Lake Orestiada washes this ancient settlement on three sides, which is famous for the traditions of furrier’s business. But in Kastoria it is worth to come not only for the sake of fur products. Ancient Byzantine churches, huge plane trees, red tiled roofs - from contemplation of all this beauty you will get a huge aesthetic pleasure, plenty of breathing in fresh air and enjoy beautiful views of the lake and mountains. The higher the sea level, the better the appetite is. Give due tribute to the local cuisine, in abundance using vegetables and meat, freshen up fresco; drink a cup of Greek coffee. Forget about time and admire the amazing beauty of natural landscapes, monuments of different eras, which are asked to be captured on photo and video.

Mysterious villages of Zagorochoria

More than 40 unique villages are scattered over the Pindus mountain range in the territory of the Vikos-Aoos National Reserve. The eponymous canyon is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the deepest. The local rock is a gray slate, from which people built everything: houses, churches, bridges, roads. Many settlements are empty, and bridges lead to nowhere. This gray stone and deserts produce an amazing mystical impression, which is only intensified by frequent fogs in the highlands.

Take your time to learn about Greece as unusual as it is in the north-west. Here you will get a feeling of a fairy tale and visit to the past. It seems that these places are not touched by time. Feel this incredible atmosphere of prosperity, tranquility and natural beauty, thanks to a two-day excursion, which we gladly organize for you in the best traditions of Greek hospitality.



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Loose clothes, stout footwear, a jacket for a cool evening and trips to the mountains.