Cruise along the banks of the Holy Mount Athos

Not everyone is allowed to visit Athos, including due to the special status of this Orthodox Monastic Republic in the north of Greece.

It's not a secret that in order to visit the ‘The Virgin's Garden’, as the Holy Mountain usually called, a special visa is needed which is called "Diamonitirion", which is issued only to men pilgrims. And it is not connected with neglecting the rights of women! It's just that, traditionally, women are not allowed to enter the inner territory of the men’s monasteries, as men are not allowed to enter the women's territory in Greece. Athos, with its 20 large monasteries and dozens of small cells and monasteries, in fact, is one big male monastery. Officially, women's access to the peninsula was banned by the decree of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Monomakh in 1046. Since then, the Holy Mother of God has been the

But a unique opportunity to touch the spiritual and cultural wealth of Mount Athos  personally is provided to all cruise trip visitors along the western coast of the Holy Mountain, where the most significant and picturesque Athos monasteries are located, including the most famous Simonopetra and St. Panteleimon (called also Russian) Monastery, as well as the main Athos Harbour Daphni and several "scetes" and "calives"- one of smallest monastic settlements, where usually only ascetes do abide. 

The stop in the last Greek town near the border of Athos, Ouranoupolis is a great opportunity, enriched spiritually, to reinforce your strengths in one of the traditional taverns with delicious local cuisine. Also, you can swim close to its magnificent beaches. Enjoy the coloring of this small town, strolling through its narrow streets, with many shops where the discerning traveler will be offered not only all kinds of souvenirs associated with Athos, but also icons written by Athos monks, wine from the Athos vineyards, mountain tea collected on the peninsula and nearby, and much more.

Let's go!
approx. 50 min.

Transfer to the port of Ormos Panagias

To the coast of Athos
approx. 1,5 hours

Passage by sea to the south-west coast of Athos

Along the banks of the Holy Mountain
approx. 2 hours

Cruise along the West Bank of Mount Athos, here are the 8 most important Athos monasteries and the main Athos port of Daphni situated

Heavenly City
approx. 1,5 hours

That's the meaning of "Ouranoupolis" in Greek. We go off-board in the city of Ouranoupolis. Here you can eat in beautiful sea taverns, take a swim at the local beach, or get some unique local souvenirs, such as the Byzantine icons, painted in the monasteries of Mount Athos.

We return to Ormos Panagias
one hour

Passage by sea to the port of Ormos Panagias

approx. 50 min.

Return to Chalkidiki



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What to take

Sunscreens, money for food and souvenirs and, the most important (!!!) - the desire to get rich spiritually and a good mood! :)

What to wear

Beach clothing, swimming accessories and a hat.