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Amphipolis Philippi Kavala

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King Philippos, Aleksandr the Great, Apostle Paul, Mehmed Ali and Ibrahim Pasha - outstanding heroes from the pages of history textbooks come to life for the traveler while visiting only three cities in Eastern Macedonia: Amphipolis, Philippi and Kavala.

Exploring eastern Macedonia

Once, this area was home to the ancient Macedonians, and majestic cities lined the terrain. Now, adventurers can discover the wonders of archaeology here. From the remnants of antiquity, a mysterious power emanates. Travelling the path from amphipolis to philippi to kavala, one can sense the grandeur of a bygone empire. The walls and structures of these places still preserve the greatness of the past for future generations.

The lion of Amphipolis

The athenians established amphipolis in the 5th century bce. Under their wise rule, the city flourished, boasting beautiful decorations, numerous temples, and impressive fortifications. Two thousand years of history have left their mark, and travelers can now explore the ruins. At the site of the former city, visitors can admire the remains of the fortress walls, walk on the mosaic floors of the ancient temples, and explore the foundations of craft workshops.

Opposite the ruins, the struma river flows by the cenotaph of the renowned commander alexander the great. This monument is known as «the lion of amphipolis» and is the most significant one in macedonia.

Footsteps of Macedonian warriors

In the wake of the macedonian heroes, the explorer has to go through the «gates of Europe and Asia» — after all, this is the name of the Greek city of Philippi. It isn’t unexpected, since even after a large number of years the blocks of the most renowned exchange street — egnatia — have been safeguarded. This street acted like a vein, giving new merchandise, new advancements, and new thoughts to the city.

Apostle Paul’s baptism

Apostle paul, who baptized the principal christian lady in Europe here, was invited warmly by hospitable Philippi. Thus, beside the antiquated Acropolis, theater, and heathen sanctuaries, each voyager can observe the old boulevards and byzantine basilicas, living respectively. Here in Philippi, there was a spot of Paul`s detainment, which is essential for all christian enthusiasts to observe.


From the seaside town of Kavala, life radiates with a lively embankment and bustling seaport. Although the polis is somewhat younger than other historical cities, it still offers visitors plenty of exciting attractions.

First and foremost, guests should not miss out on the picturesque views of the embankment. Then, they should head to the museum located in imaret, constructed under the command of the famed ottoman ruler of Egypt, Mehmed Ali. Here, they can explore artifacts from eastern Macedonia.

Afterwards, a climb up mount simvolos to the byzantine fortress is a must. This medieval city will provide a refreshing experience, enabling travelers to journey back from ancient to modern Greece.


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