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Shopping in Thessaloniki (transfer)

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220 km.
Thessaloniki is not only the heart of the intellectual and cultural life of Greece, but also a great place for shopping. Here, every lover of fascinating shopping can pamper themselves with pleasant purchases.

You can buy anything in Thessaloniki - colourful items of local craftsmen, antiques, ornaments, souvenirs, clothes, accessories, olive oil, shoes, leather, sweets and much more. There are many shops for connoisseurs of world brands, as well as many places where ardent shopaholics can buy budget goods for all occasions.

Shopping in the city center

If the time devoted to making purchases is short, then it is necessary to go to the city center as soon as possible. After all, there are numerous shops of international brands. Lovers of expensive and fashionable goods should go to the area of ​​Aristotle's Square in the seafront. You can spend a lot of money with great pleasure, and then refill your strength for further shopping in all kinds of cafes and restaurants. there are numerous shopping streets in parallel the seafront. The greatest attention should be paid to Zimiski and Mitropoleus. They are full of different salons, shops, boutiques, where local people literally sell everything.

Large shopping centers

Thessaloniki is famous for its chic shopping centers. One of the most famous is the Mediterranean Cosmos. It is located in the Pilea area and occupies more than 250 square meters. Here you can spend your money in two hundred shops or a large supermarket, visit a beauty salon, relax from shopping in a cinema, enjoy local food in restaurants.

Shopping with all-time discounts

If you really want to make purchases, and the financial means are not as great as you would like, then you should go to Mega Outlet. This shopping center is popular among shopaholics and many items with breathtaking discounts are sold here. You can save money at each purchase, which, is naturally very pleasant. There is a huge number of sports shops and mono brand boutiques.

Market of Modiano

We must go for a walk around the city market in order to taste local exotics and colour. Only here you can feel the true essence of the Greeks. Hundreds of cheerful, clamorous and noisy sellers offer shopping fans different goods, flowers, souvenirs, all kinds of food. If you shop in the evening, then street musicians will definitely entertain you in the market place. In addition, the taverns, cafes and Turkish baths are located here.

Sales with benefits

Planning to visit Thessaloniki for shopping, it is worth going during the season of grand sales. So, goods at the best prices can be purchased, beginning in mid-January and ending with the end of February, and also in July-August time. It is important to remember that the most attractive and tempting discounts will be at the end of each season. However, it is no longer possible to find such a variety of goods in this period, as at the very beginning. There are short periods of low prices in Greece. They happen every year in the first ten days of May and November.

Thus, Thessaloniki is a paradise for those who want to combine a great holiday with unforgettable shopping. It is a real sin not to bring home the spirit of this beautiful city. You can find interesting things for every taste and purse here. Shopping for beauty, soul, body and family - everything can be found is here! And most importantly is that the impression after purchases will give you joy for a very long time.



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What to take

The most important thing for a bright shopping is a lot of money. You will also need a lot of energy to make as many pleasant purchases as possible.

What to wear

Comfortable clothes and shoes, in order to stay active and not to get tired after a long shopping.