Departure region Cassandra

Thessaloniki by Night a la Gourmet

Duration / time start
Half day / 16:00
220 km.
Explore the palette of delicious tastes Greek cuisine has to offer, while enjoying the serene beauty of the ancient city. Have an evening of impressions that will become memories to cherish for life.

You will remember this journey by savoury tastes and aromas. Imagine gazing upon the hills of the northern capital of Greece having a glass of wine from Greek wineries. That’s a magnificent way to round up a day full of happy sensations. Is this paradise? We think it is.

When midday heat dies down, pleasant coolness comes back to Thessaloniki, and that’s the best time to enjoy the views of the ancient city. Because that’s when Thessaloniki weather feels like a benevolent aura is all around you. Going out you must visit a Greek tavern, a diner with a character or a restaurant with a view on the sea. How about eating out in Thessaloniki like a local? The best venues on the northern coast of the Aegean Sea will open their doors to you. Warm, hospitable Greeks are always open to share their optimistic worldview with the guests who appreciate and want to know more about traditions of this beautiful country.

Planning this excursion we have used our knowledge, expertise if you like, of the city to create an unforgettable experience for you to come back to — recalling tastes, people, atmosphere, scenery, stories of the past and present.

An unforgettable experience for gourmets

You can taste the gifts of Greece and relish them slowly. True gourmets will appreciate exquisite gastronomic combinations of the traditional Greek cuisine.  Let yourself be taken away by the aroma of traditional bread from coarse flour with olive oil and spices. Try delicious ox yogurt with nuts and flower honey. It’s here that the recipe for the authentic Greek yogurt is known and kept.

Those who love cheese (and who doesn’t!) will be thrilled by spongy feta, the healthiest of cheeses, sprinkled by aromatic oregano. And when crunchy halloumi is served — hot, as it should, it feels like time has frozen. Getting in touch with age-old gastronomic traditions of the Greeks, one cannot help but commend this nation. Even in the fast changing modern world they have saved the soul of their dishes and kept dearly gastronomic traditions of their ancestors.

A mystery veil will be lifted for you to uncover unusual gustatory sensations. You will be able to watch the process of grilling fish on charcoal. And the size those juicy shrimps in white sauce is enormous! Having tasted the food you will appreciate the masterful skills of the chef and prove once more that even the simplest dishes can wow. White wine will be a perfect accompaniment adding to the zest and framing the unforgettable aftertaste.

Meat aficionados  will be surprised by dish variety. The course of the evening will be continued with goat or mutton meat and poultry in white wine. It will be difficult to resist the temptation to try all of this wonderous aromatic array, but why would you limit yourself?

The Greeks have special treats for pastry connoisseurs. Kataifi are bound to become a favourite delight for many of them. Desserts, doughnuts and traditional Greek pies with various fillings are the works of haute culinary art for you to admire. And strong Greek coffee will complete the gustatory experience.

Here in Thessaloniki modern European table etiquette meets eating rules that are ages old. Every detail of table setting has a secret meaning. Curious to find out? That is something you will learn during our excursion. While enjoying gastronomic pleasures you will also be enlightened about traditions of Greek cuisine and winemaking.

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What to take

- Make sure your digital devices have plenty of space for lots of photos and check their batteries. Heads up for social media savvy foodies: highly instagrammable food! - Pocket money for possible on the go expenses - Having some extra money to order drinks or dishes outside programme menu is a good idea

What to wear

- There are no specific recommendations for this excursion, so dress however you feel like