Departure region Cassandra

Thessaloniki by Night a la Gourmet

Duration / time start
Half day / 16:00
220 km.
Explore the palette of delicious tastes Greek cuisine has to offer, while enjoying the serene beauty of the ancient city. Have an evening of impressions that will become memories to cherish for life.

A journey of savoury aromas

Take a trip to the northern capital of Greece and remember it by the flavourful tastes and smells. Visualise the hills of Thessaloniki as you sip a glass of wine from a local winery. What a perfect way to end an evening of joyous moments. Is this the paradise we have been dreaming of? We think so.

Enjoying the local weather

As the midday sun subsides, a pleasant coolness sets in. This is the ideal time to take in the views of the old city. Thessaloniki in this moment feels like it is enveloped in a divine presence.

Eating out like a Greek

If you are out and about, don`t forget to visit a Greek tavern, a diner with character, or a restaurant overlooking the sea. Taste the local cuisine and learn more about the culture and customs of this wonderful nation. The greeks are warm and inviting, and they will be more than happy to share their optimistic outlook with visitors who are passionate and want to explore the traditional ways.

Crafting an unforgettable experience

We have used our specialized knowledge of the city to create a remarkable experience for you to remember — savoring unique flavors, meeting locals, admiring the captivating scenery, and listening to stories of the past and present.

A gastronomic adventure

Greece has much to offer, and you can indulge in its flavors and textures. Gourmets will be pleased by the exquisite gastronomic creations of traditional Greek cuisine. Let yourself be taken away by the aroma of traditional bread with coarse flour, olive oil, and spices. Sample the delicious ox yogurt with nuts and honey. Here, the recipe for the original greek yogurt is still known and kept.

Cheese lovers` paradise

Those who relish Cheese (and who doesn’t!) will be elated by soft feta, the healthiest of all cheeses, with a sprinkle of aromatic oregano. And when zesty halloumi is presented — hot, as it should be, it feels like time has stopped. Paying homage to the historical culinary practices of the Greeks, one cannot help but admire this nation. Even in the swiftly transforming present day, they have preserved the essence of their recipes and venerated the gastronomic traditions of their forebears.

Unveiling unexpected flavours

A veil of mystery will be removed, exposing you to extraordinary gustatory experiences. You will have the opportunity to witness a Fish being cooked over charcoal. Moreover, the Shrimps in white sauce are incredibly huge! Once you have sampled the culinary delights, you will appreciate the chef’s talent and be reminded that even the simplest recipes can be impressive. A glass of white wine will add to the flavour and provide a lasting memory.

Greek cuisine for meat-lovers

Meat enthusiasts will be astounded by the range of dishes. The meal will continue with either goat or mutton and poultry in white wine sauce. Why deny yourself the pleasure of savoring all these delicious aromas? Plus, the Greeks have a few treats in store for those with a sweet tooth. Kataifi is sure to become a favorite delicacy. Other pastries, doughnuts, and pies with different fillings are masterpieces of gastronomy to be admired. And an authentic Greek coffee will finish off this culinary journey.


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What to take

- Make sure your digital devices have plenty of space for lots of photos and check their batteries. Heads up for social media savvy foodies: highly instagrammable food! - Pocket money for possible on the go expenses - Having some extra money to order drinks or dishes outside programme menu is a good idea

What to wear

- There are no specific recommendations for this excursion, so dress however you feel like