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Kastoria Fur Shopping from Athos

Duration / time start
One day / 8:00
650 km.
Looking to buy for a fashionable fur coat at a reasonable price? Come with us on a special Kastoria tour around world famous fur shops. Be ready to practce your bargaining skills.

Shopping in Kastoria

Kastoria, Greece is renowned for its luxurious fur coats and jackets, making it an ideal destination for those looking for winter warmth. Tourists from all over the world come to the city to take advantage of the high-quality fur trade. The city not only offers a wide selection of fur apparel, but also offers very competitive prices. Whether you are looking for a fur coat, jacket, or other winter garment, Kastoria`s fur shops have you covered.

Greece is known the world over for its rich history and art. In addition to this, it`s a great place to shop for the finest in fur garments. Kastoria has become a mecca for luxury furs and is a must-visit destination for those seeking out a cozy winter wardrobe.

Where is Kastoria?

Kastoria, located in the northern part of Greece`s west Macedonia, has a long-standing history of fur trade. This is highlighted by the numerous stores present in the town offering luxurious fur garments, which are all produced locally and consequently priced reasonably. Due to its climate — lacking close seas to provide warmth — the people of Kastoria have come to appreciate warm clothing and furs since medieval times; it is easy to understand why when considering how cold it can get in this area.

Fur traditions and expertise

Kastoria, is renowned for its fur garments. Many families in the city have inherited the craft of creating fashion pieces from fur, making each item a unique work of art.

Fur factories and salons

There are many fur salons and factories that specialize in fur coats. The local artisans can customize a fur coat to the exact requirements of the customer. The makers can provide advice on the best fur for the customer`s needs.

Styles of unbeatable quality

The vast majority of fur garments are inspired by the popular European designers. Consequently, when you don a Kastoria fur coat, you can be sure that you will look cutting-edge and beautiful.

In step with the latest fashion

Our dedicated fur designers attend international fashion events, so our collection is always up-to-date with the latest trends and designs.

Due to the heavy influx of tourists, the fur items and garments in Kastoria are sold at a rapid rate and the selection is constantly renewed with fresh designs and collections.

Fur metropolis

It is estimated that Kastoria is home to more than 1500 fur factories, which is an extremely high number for a single town. Thus, Kastoria rightly deserves its title as the global fur fashion hub.

The best shops to visit in Kastoria

With such a huge range of fur clothing on offer, it’s not possible to explore all of Kastoria`s stores in one go. That’s why we recommend the Kastorian fashion center shopping mall and the kiknon avenue. This long street is home to multiple small workshops and boutiques. Plus, the majority of Kastoria`s shops feature english-speaking staff. Nevertheless, if you`re looking for a bit of extra help with local sellers, you can always call on your guides for assistance with shopping.

Let's go!
Approx. 2,5 hours

Transfer to Kastoria (on the way a cofee stop may be arranged).

Its a shopping time!

The Fur Paradise! You'll visit the most famous fur factories of Kastoria.

Going home
Approx. 2,5 hours

Transfer back to Halkidiki




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What to take

Positive mood and enthusiasm to actively bargain with the sellers. It’s most useful with small shop owners who often work there as salesmen themselves. Sometimes, with a bit of luck, price could go down 50%, if you manage to negotiate wisely.

What to wear

There are no specific recommendations for this excursions, except that you should dress comfortably and warmly. Bringing a sweater or a jacket is highly advised even in hot summer.