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Kastoria Fur Shopping from Mainland

Duration / time start
One day / 8:00
650 km.
Looking to buy for a fashionable fur coat at a reasonable price? Come with us on a special Kastoria tour around world famous fur shops. Be ready to practce your bargaining skills.

Shopping in Greece 

Greece is not just a place for tourists to appreciate its historical and art sights, it`s also a great place to shop! Furrier workshops create first-rate fur coats and jackets, and can be found in all the resorts of the country. But if you’re looking for a bargain, Kastoria is the place to go — the perfect winter shopping destination for fur coats and jackets, with prices that won`t break the bank.

Where is Kastoria?

Kastoria is located in the northern part of Greece, in west Macedonia. It holds a reputation as a renowned fur trading center, and as such, one of the main attractions to the city is its abundance of fur shops. The merchandise available is luxurious yet reasonably priced, due to the fact that the locals produce their own goods.

Kastoria`s cool climate has been the driving force behind its fur-making heritage, which dates back to the middle ages. People living in an environment like this are naturally inclined to wrap themselves in warm and cozy garments.

Fur capital

Kastoria is undeniably renowned for its fur trade in Greece. It is a place where family traditions have been passed on from one generation to the next, with many families owning small furrier workshops and producing a unique range of fur fashion. This is why the selection of garments here is truly remarkable.

Fur experts

The city is home to an abundance of fur salons and factories dedicated to producing fur coats. Local artisans can create a custom-made coat, change buttons, alter the piece, and meet any and all requests of even the most discerning customers. Not only that, but the makers are very knowledgeable and experienced in their craft, so you can trust their advice.

In vogue

Kastoria`s fur coats are fashioned in accordance with the most current designs of leading european fashion houses. You can be certain that wearing one of their garments will make you look stunning and fashionable.

Keeping it up-to-date

The kastoria design team is constantly participating in global fashion events and shows, so they are always able to bring you the latest looks and trends. No matter what the current style is, kastoria has got you covered.

The best shopping spots

We recommend two places: Kastorian fashion center and kiknon avenue. The former is a shopping and entertainment mall, while the latter is a long street with small workshops and salons. Most sellers in kastoria are able to speak english, but if you need additional help, your guide will be happy to accompany you while you shop.

Kastoria is a wonderful place, with not only great prices but also a warm, friendly atmosphere. The citizens are always open to welcoming guests and making them feel at home.

Let's go!
Approx. 2,5 hours

Transfer to Kastoria (on the way a cofee stop may be arranged).

Its a shopping time!

The Fur Paradise! You'll visit the most famous fur factories of Kastoria.

Going home
Approx. 2,5 hours

Transfer back to Halkidiki




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What to take

Positive mood and enthusiasm to actively bargain with the sellers. It’s most useful with small shop owners who often work there as salesmen themselves. Sometimes, with a bit of luck, price could go down 50%, if you manage to negotiate wisely.

What to wear

There are no specific recommendations for this excursions, except that you should dress comfortably and warmly. Bringing a sweater or a jacket is highly advised even in hot summer.