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Kastoria Fur Shopping

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One day / 8:00
650 km.
Looking to buy for a fashionable fur coat at a reasonable price? Come with us on a special Kastoria tour around world famous fur shops. Be ready to practce your bargaining skills.

Greece attracts tourists from around the globe not only with its historical and art sights. The country is also famous for various trades.  In particular, there are lots of furrier workshops making first-class fur coats. You can find fur shops basically in any Greek resort, but there are also special places, Meccas of sorts for fur shopping. Kastoria is exactly this kind of city: here you can buy at quite a reasonable price a fur coat or jacket for chilly winter. 

Where is Kastoria?

Kastoria is a situated in northern Greece, West Macedonia. It’s a town of fur trade. Hence, one of the primary Kastoria tourist attractions is visiting numerous fur shops. The town is home to a vast array of fur shops selling luxurious fur clothes. Thanks to local own production prices are affordable. Due to its location with no warm seas around creating hot climate, the town naturally developed an affliction to furs and warm clothes. Traditions of fur making in Kastoria date back to the Middle Ages. Makes sense, right?  When you come to a place with cool climate, you cannot help but think of wrapping yourself in something warm and cozy. 

Kastoria is basically synonymous with furs in Greece, and rightfully so. 

Family traditions.

Many families in Kastoria own small furrier workshops making signature masterpieces of fur fashion. That’s why assortment of garments here genuinely strike the imagination. 

True fur connoisseurs.

There are lots of fur salons and factories specialising specifically in fur coat production. Local artisans can make a bespoke fur coat, change buttons, alther the piece and generally fulfill any whim of even of the most demanding client. You can also rely on advice of the makers — they really know their trade here. 

Designs with flawless execution.

The majority of designs of fur clothes are based on trends set by leading European designers. So, you can be confident that wearing a fur coat from Kastoria you will look trendy and absolutely gorgeous. 

Always fashionable.

Masters of fur designs regularly take part in various fashion shows and fairs around the world. That is exactly the reason why the offer of designs is updated in tune with new fashion trends and styles. 

Continuous renovation.

Since there are lots of tourists in the town, buy fur pieces, fur clothes fly from hangers quickly, and the choice is refreshed with new designs and collections. 

The fur capital.

The number of fur factories in Kastoria is estimated at over 1500, which is impressively high for one town. That is why Kastoria is rightfully considered the capital of world fur fashion.  

Which shops in Kastoria are the best to visit? 

It’s impossible to come by all the shops selling fur clothes in one trip, so we recommend to visit shopping and entertainment mall Kastorian Fashion Center and Kiknon Avenue. Kiknon Avenue is a long street with multiple small workshops and adjacent salons. In most Kastoria shops sellers speak English, but if you think you might need help communicating with local sellers, your guides offer services of accompanying you during shopping. Bottomline is that Kastoria is a great destination for fur shopping and great prices. And it is also a spectacularly beautiful town, with beautiful architecture, Byzantine temples, delicious food and warm, friendly atmosphere. Come to Kastoria where citizens are always open to welcome guests and know how to make them happy. 

Let's go!
Approx. 2,5 hours

Transfer to Kastoria (on the way a cofee stop may be arranged).

Its a shopping time!

The Fur Paradise! You'll visit the most famous fur factories of Kastoria.

Going home
Approx. 2,5 hours

Transfer back to Halkidiki



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What to take

Positive mood and enthusiasm to actively bargain with the sellers. It’s most useful with small shop owners who often work there as salesmen themselves. Sometimes, with a bit of luck, price could go down 50%, if you manage to negotiate wisely.

What to wear

There are no specific recommendations for this excursions, except that you should dress comfortably and warmly. Bringing a sweater or a jacket is highly advised even in hot summer.