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Kastoria fur shopping

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One day / 8:00
650 km.
Looking to buy for a fashionable fur coat at a reasonable price? Come with us on a special Kastoria tour around world famous fur shops. Be ready to practce your bargaining skills.

Fur shopping

Greece is an attractive destination for travelers from around the world. It is renowned for its art and historic attractions, as well as for a variety of shops. One of the most famous is furrier workshops, which specialize in crafting luxurious fur coats. Fur shops can be found in virtually all greek resorts, but there are also certain cities that are considered to be the «meccas» of fur shopping. Kastoria is one such place, where you can buy a stylish fur coat or jacket at a reasonable price.

Where is Kastoria?

Kastoria is located in northern Greece, in west Macedonia. It’s known for its fur trade, and has plenty of fur shops selling luxurious fur garments. Prices are reasonable due to the local production. The town has a long history of fur-making, which dates back to the middle ages. This is understandable, as the cold climate necessitates something warm and comfortable to wear. Therefore, a visit to the fur shops is one of the prime tourist attractions in kastoria.

Kastoria — fur hub of Greece

Kastoria is widely recognized as the fur hub of Greece, and for good reason. Many households in this place have small furrier workshops, producing unique and beautiful creations. The range of items available is truly remarkable.

Fur experts

The town is packed with fur salons and factories that specialize solely in fur coat production. Local tailors can make personalized fur coats, alter the pieces and cater to the demands of any customer. They are also a great source of advice — they are experts in their field.

Perfectly executed designs

Kastoria’s fur clothing designs are largely inspired by the trends set by leading european fashion designers, so you can be sure that wearing one of their coats will make you look current and absolutely stunning.

The fur experts at Kastoria are constantly involved in fashion shows and fairs around the world, which is why their selection of designs is updated to match the latest fashion trends and styles.

Endless renewal

The town is swarmed with visitors, and the racks of fur pieces and apparel are emptied swiftly. It’s a regular thing to see the selection replenished with the newest patterns and collections.

Fur metropolis

As per estimations, Kastoria is home to over 1500 fur factories — an impressive number for one settlement. That’s why it’s rightly referred to as the global fur fashion hub.

Fashion center

Kastorian fashion center and Kiknon avenue are two places that you must visit during your shopping experience. With multiple small workshops, salons, and sellers who speak english, you will find what you are looking for.

Get accompaniment for shopping

If you feel like you might need help communicating with local sellers, you can always get the help of a guide to accompany you during shopping.

Enjoy great prices and a friendly atmosphere

Kastoria offers great prices for fur shopping and a friendly atmosphere to go along with it. The citizens are always open to welcome guests and make them feel at home.

So come to Kastoria and enjoy the amazing shopping experience that it has to offer!

Let's go!
Approx. 2,5 hours

Transfer to Kastoria (on the way a cofee stop may be arranged).

Its a shopping time!

The Fur Paradise! You'll visit the most famous fur factories of Kastoria.

Going home
Approx. 2,5 hours

Transfer back to Halkidiki




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What to take

Positive mood and enthusiasm to actively bargain with the sellers. It’s most useful with small shop owners who often work there as salesmen themselves. Sometimes, with a bit of luck, price could go down 50%, if you manage to negotiate wisely.

What to wear

There are no specific recommendations for this excursions, except that you should dress comfortably and warmly. Bringing a sweater or a jacket is highly advised even in hot summer.