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Holy sites of Macedonia

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The second-biggest city in Greece also known as “Golden gate of Christianity”. Founded in 315 BC, it got its name after a gorgeous Thessalonike, the wife of king Cassander and half-sister of Alexander the Great.

Today Thessaloniki: beyond antiquity, a pilgrimage hotspot

Thessaloniki has become more than just a renowned landmark of antiquity. It has been established as the leading pilgrimage centre in Europe. In the 1st century ad, paul the apostle famously shared the message of the resurrected messiah with the local inhabitants, leading to the construction of the city’s first christian church.

It is here that christianity was spread throughout western civilisation. A tour of the city`s sacred sites will offer an opportunity to explore the charming streets and avenues that lead to the steps of the famous churches. Thessaloniki is sure to captivate any traveller!

Holy places

Thessaloniki`s holy sites will astound you with their exceptional architecture. The city`s christian «jewels» include:

  • Cathedral of st. Gregory palamas

  • Agia Sophia

  • Basilica of Great Martyr Demetrius

  • Church of Panagia Ahiropiitos

  • Monastery of Vlatadon

  • Panagia ton Chalkeon

Each of these churches has its own remarkable history, as well as beautiful decorations and a veil of myths and mysterious tales. You can also explore the catacombs of john the baptist, where paul the apostle’s first sermons were said to have been heard. On your journey from one church to the next, you will come to know some real and supernatural events. Every corner of the city is ready to share tales of holiness and faith with its visitors, as well as the clash between roman empire paganism and christianity.

Did you know?

At some point in our history, christians were passionate about determining which city would be identified as the world’s capital. Ultimately, constantinople won out, but many preferred Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki`s relics

Thessaloniki`s monasteries and churches contain many holy relics from revered saints. The cathedral of st. Gregory palamas houses the relics of mystical theologian and archbishop gregory. Visitors from all around the world come to venerate these relics, which have been imbued with the power of love and goodness.

The church of st. Demetrius, built on the site of the saint’s martyrdom, contains the relics of st. Demetrius, who died under the persecution of caesar galerius. St. John the evangelist`s convent preserves the relics of arsenius of cappadocia. At the chapel of st. Theodora monastery, you can find the saint’s relics in a silver feretory.

Come explore Thessaloniki

Visitors to Thessaloniki are invited to honor the historical artifacts, request heavenly assistance, and bask in the grace of the gods.

What else is there?

In addition, tourists are given a chance to witness the grandeur of the city`s other attractions. The most memorable sites in thessaloniki are:

  • The white tower — the most recognizable symbol of the city.

The Rotunda of Galerius

The Rotunda of Galerius, a memorial of roman emperor galerius, later on also the initial christian church in the city.

Aristotelous square

Aristotelous square and the church of Panagia ton chalkeon, the main city square.

Cyril and Methodius

Thessaloniki is the homeland of the famous preachers and makers of the old slavic alphabet, Cyril and Methodius. Their honor was celebrated by the building of a golden-domed church in the city.


Agia Sophia Cathedral
St. Demetrius Cathedral
St. Gregory Palamas Cathedral


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