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The Beauty of Sithonia

Duration / time start
1 day / 8:00
300 km.
Swim in clear seas, bask in the sun on the most beautiful beaches, taste delicious local wines, savour Greek cuisine and admire breathtaking views.

What is Sithonia like? Come with us and see. Sithonia, located in the very heart of Halkidiki, wins you over at first sight. You are welcomed by the quietude and tranquillity of nature and heartfelt Greek hospitality. Wonderful air with the scent of pines, relict pine woods, picturesque landscapes — it's all here, and so much more. Our excursion offers a selection of the most beautiful things, making this peninsula-resort world famous.

Walk about small old settlements that have barely changed over centuries, hiding among mountains and forests. They will show you the slow-paced life of friendly locals with pristine beautiful nature in the background. And oh my, the Sithonia beaches! The bays and beaches of the peninsula are the most beautiful in all of mainland Greece. Take in the fresh air, swim in gentle waves of the Aegean Sea, rest on the soft sand. Curious about Sithonia food? Delicious seafood and wine will deliver gastronomic pleasures. A day in Sithonia is a day in paradise.

Neos Marmaras

Let’s visit this cosy village, the largest resort of Sithonia, with white houses under red roofs. It's the best place to learn about the traditional Greek lifestyle. The atmosphere is charming and blissful with aromas of fresh bread and coffee in the air. In Neos Marmaras, you will be taken away with stories of the past and present.


During the tour, we come to the picturesque village of Parthenonas. It resembles an open-air museum with old-world houses and streets lovingly preserved as they were in the last century. Macedonian-style houses, cobbled streets, cafes make the town look like fairy tale model in real life. And the views... breathtaking! This is Greece in its essence, sincere and beautiful.

Porto Carras

Take a chance to visit Porto Carras, a luxurious Sithonia resort. It boasts one of the best and longest beaches on the coast, with two five-star hotels and the largest thalassotherapy centre. A cosy bay with snow-white sand on the beach and beautiful yachts at sea is surrounded by a pine forest. It's an exquisite spot, a signature location of Sithonia luxury tourism.

Porto Koufo

The largest natural landmark of the peninsula, this bay is one of a kind. A vast liman hiding among the rocks has been renowned since forever. Imagine sunbathing and swimming in this unique environment, relishing privacy and natural splendour... yes, you can!

Kalogria beach

Splendid Sithonia beaches are the national treasure and pride of Greece. Kalogria beach is one of the best. The long coast with soft white sand and a perfect approach to the water will give you joy unlike anything else. The water here is especially clear and kind.


Coming to Sithonia you cannot miss Vourvourou. A marvellous beach in a bay near the village with the same name is a magnet for those who come to Chalkidiki. The sea here has a fantastic, bright turquoise colour. The beach is incredibly beautiful.

Kavourotrypes beach

Kavourotrypes is one of the best beaches in the region. The shoreline is quite particular. It is "decorated" with unusual smooth boulders looking like magical creatures. Local artists contributed too and created original stone sculptures embellishing the unique landscape with a strip of white sand and clear, azure waves.


It's extremely rare that one place accumulates so much beauty and pleasure: beaches, wines, seafood, amazing nature, and friendly, kind people. Wondering what to do in Greece? Sithonia accumulates all the most wonderful, genuine, delicious experiences. Come and feel.

Let;s go!
approx. 45 min.

Transfer to Vourvourou region

Cruising & swimming
2 hours

2 hours cruising by boat through the best beaches and bays of Sithonia. Swimming from the boat & from the shore

As beautifull as it gets!
1 hour

Swimmng stop at the most picturesque beach of Sithonia

Bon appetite!
approx. 1 hour

Lunch at one of the best tavernas in Sithonia with marvelouse view/

Porto Koufos
15 min.

Photo-stop at Porto Koufos fishermen village

In Vino Veritas.
45 min.

Wine testing at Porto Carras Vinery (Optional)

Cofee & Photo
30 min.

stop at beautifull Marmaras & Parthenonas

Akti Elias & Kalograia
1 hour

swimming at the beautifull Kalogria Beach

Back home
approx. 45 min.

Transfer back to the hotel



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What to take

- Swimwear!!! - Sunscreen - Make sure your digital devices have loads of space for photos and videos: there will be so, so many impressions to keep - Pocket money for souvenirs and possible on the go expenses - Bottled water

What to wear

- Dress comfortably for a long day rich in activities and impressions - Wear comfortable shoes - Don’t forget headcover