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Thessaloniki Sightseeing

Duration / time start
1 day / 8:00 15:00
220 km.
Get on the walk about tour to Thessaloniki to fall in love and with this majestic city beyond the postcard views.


Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, is the capital of northern Greece and Macedonia. Have you ever wondered why you should visit this splendid city? Ask the locals and they likely will respond with, «σαν τη θεσσαλονίκη δεν έχει!» meaning, «there`s no other place like it!» even though this might sound a bit exaggerated, you will understand why this phrase is so accurate when you visit Thessaloniki. It boasts a multitude of sightseeing landmarks and a unique architecture, along with many other spectacular attributes.

When to visit Thessaloniki?

No matter when you decide to go, you can enjoy the city`s beauty year-round. The mediterranean climate keeps the air around the city clean and invigorating. Plus, Greek cuisine is renowned for its delicious, nutritious food. Vegetables, seafood, meats, and cheeses are all common ingredients, along with aromatic herbs and olive oil. When in Thessaloniki, you won`t want to miss out on patsas (tripe soup), bougatsa (custard pie with phyllo), and loukoumades (greek honey doughnuts). No matter if you`re vegan or not, there`s something for everyone to enjoy!

A city with millennia of history

Thessaloniki is a city with a rich and fascinating history that spans over two thousand years. It has been the witness to many cultures, civilisations, and eras, each of which has left a lasting imprint on the face and soul of the metropolis. It has a unique, vibrant atmosphere that blends the past with the present.

From being the capital of the ancient kingdom of macedonia, to the capital of the roman province, the city of the emperor, the cultural capital of byzantium, the ottoman bastion, the «mother of Israel», the birthplace of Turkish democracy and the modern youth capital of Europe, Thessaloniki is all this and more.

A rich and eclectic architecture

Thessaloniki is a vibrant and diverse city, with stunning christian orthodox churches, majestic ancient monasteries, grandiose byzantine towers, and beautiful minarets. There are also neo-classic and modern buildings. When you visit this city, you will feel immediately at home, even if you are thousands of kilometers away.

Must-see places

You will find many captivating locations in thessaloniki, such as the Byzantine walls of the upper town, the White Tower, the church of Saint Demetrius, the Roman forum, the Arch of Galerius, and the Statues of Alexander the great and Aristotle. Fun fact: the city is named after Alexander the great’s sister, and it was her husband, kassandros, who established it back in 315 bc.

Hidden treasures

Do you want to see what the locals see? To go beyond the typical tourist traps and explore the hidden gems of the city? Well, you`re in luck!

We offer exclusive tours of the places that usually go unnoticed by visitors. Don’t worry, we won`t reveal our secrets, but if you contact us, we can give you an idea of what our excursion offers.

Experience the city like a true local and discover the less explored places. Contact us now to find out more about our tour!

Let's go!
approx. 1 hour

Transfer to Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki City Tour
approx. 3 hours

Visiting: the Trigonion Tower place at Ano Poli (Old Town), st. Demetrios Cathedral, Roman Forum, Aristotelous Square, Kamara (the arch of Galerius), the White Tower and the City's seafront with magnificent statue of Alexander the Great.

Free time
1-2 hours

Thessaloniki is one of the best places for walking, shoping, drinking coffee with locals and generaly enjoying yor life.

Going back
approx. 1 hour

Return to Halkidiki


Agia Sophia Cathedral
St. Demetrius Cathedral
St. Gregory Palamas Cathedral
Arch of Galerius
Jewish Monuments of Thessaloniki
Ano Poli
The White Tower
Ancient Forum


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What to take

- Bottled water - Pocket money for souvenirs, food and possible on the go expenses - Positive mood, explorer’s spirit - Make sure your digital devices have plenty of space for loads of amazing photos and check their battery

What to wear

- Dress comfortably for a day rich in impressions and experiences - Wear comfortable shoes - Headcover may be a good idea - Please, mind that the programme includes visiting temples, so dress accordingly (knees and shoulders should be covered)